Why Should You Buy Short Term Car Insurance? Reasons

When the car is only used for a short time, long-term car insurance is not necessary. That’s why there’s temporary auto insurance, which is a type of short-term coverage that protects you and your vehicle for a certain period of time.

What is temporary car insurance?

Since your driving requirements are only temporary, you may not need long-term auto insurance. Temporary car insurance can be purchased for any period of time. However, most often it is written for two to 28 days.

Temporary car insurance is similar to normal car insurance in that it requires a daily or weekly premium to establish and maintain coverage.

If you have been involved in an accident, you will be subject to a deductible, which differs from the carrier.

However, temporary car insurance is not so easy to find. Many insurance companies instead use traditional auto insurance policies and only charge a prorated amount based on need.

Most major car insurance companies still use standard policies that you can cancel before the six or 12 month period is up. You only pay a proportional amount for your short-term needs.

However, there are a few things you should know before signing up. For example, not all insurance companies are created equal.

The insurance company you choose can have a big impact on the types of coverage you can get and how much it costs. property damage .

We’ve researched the best temporary car insurance companies based on features, costs and more. Here are our top picks.

I often shopped for six or twelve month auto insurance contracts. However, in some cases you may be looking for a short term policy.

When drivers only need coverage for a short time, Mark Friedlander , a spokesman for the industry-supporting Insurance Information Institute, says they typically buy short-term auto insurance policies that cover 30 days or less.

Why Should You Buy Short Term Car Insurance?

Trusted Choice, a network of independent insurance agents, says car owners may buy short-term car insurance for reasons such as:

You are in the process of changing your long-term coverage from one insurer to another, and you have already given up your previous coverage.

You are temporarily lending your car to a relative, friend or someone else who will be excluded by your regular auto insurance policy. Editorial team .

Short-term insurance covers your vehicle while it is being driven by a relative, friend or someone else.

You are selling your car and need to cover the vehicle when it is driven by potential buyers who will not be covered by your regular policy.

Before you decide to look for a short term auto insurance policy, talk to your auto insurance agent to make sure your regular auto insurance policy won’t cover your situation.

According to Trusted Choice, filing a claim on a short-term auto insurance policy will not affect the no-claims discount you may have on a long-term policy.

Friedlander points out that even if you only need coverage for a day or a week, a typical short-term auto insurance contract lasts 30 days. The costs of short-term coverage, like standard insurance, are determined by criteria such as:

‣ Type of vehicle

‣ Purpose of the vehicle

‣ Your auto insurance history

‣ Vehicle model

Your credit-based insurance score (states that limit the use of credit in determining car insurance rates include California, Hawaii, Michigan, and Massachusetts)

Other ways to get short term car insurance

So what if you are unable to purchase a car insurance policy for 30 days? Alternatives include:

‣ Car insurance for non-owners. Non-owner vehicle insurance can be an alternative if you don’t own a car and still need coverage.

‣ If you frequently rent cars, this coverage can be a great option to avoid purchasing liability coverage from a rental car provider. It could also fill a gap in your insurance if you are between vehicles.

‣ Regular vehicle insurance is cancelled. You can buy a basic auto insurance policy and then cancel it when you no longer need it.

Note, however, that if you cancel your insurance before it expires, the insurer may charge you a fee.

Also note that if you cancel your auto insurance policy, you may need to arrange additional coverage for your vehicle.

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