What is a label and what are the uses of a label in a blog?

Blogger is very easy to manage. Category is very important in blog we can use categories in blog with the help of labels we have to add labels in every post of blog you can see tags in sidebar of my blog so let’s know how to label for post categories make use of.

What is a label and what are the uses of a label in a blog? The job of the label in Blogger is to arrange the blog post like you have posted 20 posts on the topic “Blogging”, then how will the visitors know how many posts are on the blogging topic.

That’s why blogger has given the option of label, you can arrange posts related to blogging by making a label in the name of blogging, for this you will have to label the post.

How to put a label in a blog post?

If you write a new post on your blog, then on the right side there is an option of labels under the post settings option, click on there.

Which topic are you writing a related post or write it like blog, blogging, Facebook etc., after every label “,” must be put.

When your blog has 10 – 15 labels, then it will be shown here, you can choose the label by clicking on them.

How many labels should be used in Blog and Blog Post?

Blog: – You can use any number of labels in the blog, but every label should have a meaning. Will not be able to read all the labels.

Blog post:- You can use a maximum of 19 labels in a blog post, but I would suggest that you use only 3 – 5 labels in every post, this will keep the category of your blog good and visitors to the post of the topic of your meaning. It will be easy to read.

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How to use labels in a blogger

  1. Do not use more than 2 – 3 words in a label.
  2. The name of the label should be such that the visitors can easily understand by reading what kind of post will be found on this topic.

How to Add Label Widget to Blog?

After adding a label to your post, the label will show at the top of each post, but only the label of that post is shown in it, so to show the labels in one place, you will have to use the label widget in the blogger.

Step 1:

  • Go to dashboard>>layout of your blog.
  • Now click on Add a Widget in the right side of the blog.
  • Now a new popup window will open, click on Labels in it.

Step 2: Now a new window will open.

  • Write tags or labels in the title.
  • Tick ​​on Cloud.
  • Now you click on Save and click on Save Arrangement.

How to use Label as Category?

You can use labels as a category in the blog, for this you have to add a link to the labels by adding the category to the menu of the blog, almost every visitor pays attention to the menu bar topic of your blog, so in the menu of your blog 4 – Please add 5 important topics.

How to Use Label in Blog Menu

Go to dashboard>>template>>Edit HTML of your blog.
Now search any topic already present in the menu of your blog.
Instead of the searched topic, write the topic of your choice.
Instead of href=’#’ me # before the name of the topic, set the URL of the label related to the topic.
Similarly, you can set the rest of the topics of the blog menu.

How to find the URL (link) of Label?

Click on the label whose URL you want to know.
Now in the new window that will open, the link in the link box of the browser is the link of your 3 label.
If you are having any kind of problem in understanding this post or you need any information related to blogger, internet, then you can tell me in the comment, I will be very happy to help you.