What does malding meaning in Twitch 2021

Malding Twitch meme is a word used in chat in the few last years so it is the most common word like kekw that is mostly being used for angry twitch streamers. This word is not only used for Twitch streamers but also commented for different live streamers of video game players. It has basically no link with kekw emote.

Malding in Twitch basically consists of two different words ‘mad + balding’. In  Twitch chat malding basically indicates you are both angry and balding on the spot of streaming. The phrase is used to joke about those who appear so irritated, they start to become bald. Let us look at how the word maulding in twitch was used and how this malding twitch became too popular.

Malding Twitch Meaning

As previously described this Twitch meme word now let’s again explain malding twitch mening it. It’s a two word phrase of “mad and balding” referring to someone who is so insane that they are starting to buckle.

Origin of Malding Twitch Meme

malding twitch
Malding twitch

It’s a part of Twitch lingos, this word is also found in Urban Dictionary and malding in urban dictionary was added in about 2011 and what is malding word is searched by Twitch viewers from about 2004.

Malding mean in Twitch Chat

Malding is a portmanteau word. Now, most users will ask that what is portmanteau. When two words are combined together to form a new word, it is called the portmanteau word. Now let’s have some examples of some of the most commonly used portmanteau words. As breakfast and lunch are the two words then their portmanteau will be brunch.

How did Malding Twitch Word became popular

What does malding mean
What does malding mean

In Forsen live twitch stream most of the viewers started chat started to comment “so bad, so mad” and “so bald, so mad”. It eventually evolved into “so bald, so mald” this word was too much commented on there so in this way word ‘mald’ was popularized on Twitch. 

Who Bought Maulding Domain

Joey the Twitch streamer where his username for a streamer is “Nagzz21” filled a trademark application for the term “Malding” in the United States. He has also purchased the web domain for malding.com for the cost of $3,300.

More Twitch Meme Words like Malding

There are more too many Twitch meme words which have given us unique words that have become timeless classics, including “Pepega,” “Poggers,” “MonkaS,” and “Jebaited.”

A video named “The Malding of Twitch” was uploaded on 23 June 2019. The video shows some famous Twitch streamers to be soon spotted or to go completely bald. 

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