5 Things To Consider When Choosing Hi Viz Jackets

The hi viz jackets are workwear and have nothing to do with fashionwear. Their purpose is to make the wearer visible in low light and headlights. These jackets use reflectors to reflect light. People in the profession like traffic police, railway workers, construction workers, mine workers, warehouse workers, and airport traffic staff. They use hi viz jackets to avoid accidents.

Different Colors of hi viz Jackets and Their Purposes

The hi viz jackets are available in different eye-catching colors like bright yellow, orange, pink, blue, and green with silver reflecting lining. Two-tone hi viz jackets are also available, such as yellow and orange, red and blue, etc. Yellow color is the brightest color in hi viz jackets. But it is used less in workwear with no chance of high beam light. Because it’s over brightness can be dangerous. Train workers wear orange jackets but not yellow because they usually work in a green environment, so the chances of blending in are reduced by the orange color. 

The hi viz Jackets for Non-Hazards Jobs

Few companies add hi viz jackets to workers’ uniforms to make them look better. Their job does not involve hazardous work. And they add them in uniform because it goes with the color theme of their uniform. It employs choosing the right hi viz jacket matters. Keep five points in mind according to job nature when choosing hi viz jackets for your employees or yourself.

Things to Consider When Choosing hi viz Jackets

  1. Where are you going to wear this hi viz jacket? 
  2. What would be the light conditions there? Is that a dim light area, dark area, bright green area, or something with a combination of these light conditions at different hours of the day?
  3. Are you going to work at a place where being invisible or less visible may cause a sudden accident? Like, on the highway at night.
  4. If you are working somewhere with fast-coming cars, keep your dress maximum visible of level 3. So you will be visible to the driver at a sufficient distance. The driver may get enough time to avoid the accident.  
  5. If your job involves fewer hazards or nonhazardous work, and hi viz jackets are just a part of your uniform imposed by your employer, then you can select a level 1 hi viz jacket with the minimum fluorescent area. Sleeveless hi viz jackets will be suitable too.

From Where to Buy hi viz Jackets?

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