The Breaker Season 3 Trailer: Release Date Finally Confirmed?

For nearly five years, fans have been clamoring for The Breaker Season 3. Fortunately, the new season appears to be on the rebound. After the conclusion of Trinity Wonder Season 3, the writers may begin work on the long-awaited manhwa installment. The new collection of volumes, on the other hand, would take some time to hit the market. All you need to know about it is right here.

The Breaker is a South Korean manhwa (print cartoon) series that first aired in 2007. Published by Jeon Geuk-jin and illustrated by Park Jin-hwan, the influential manhwa ran for ten volumes until 2010. The author-illustrator team quickly followed up with the second installment of the manhwa. The Breaker: New Wave, a sequel, was released in 2010 and serialized until mid-2015. Despite the popularity of the first two seasons of the manhwa, publisher Daewon C.I. has yet to renew the third.


Shiwoon Yi, a humble and modest student, is the protagonist of the novel. At a young age, he became a student of Chunwoo Han ( high school). Chunwoo Hana is one of the most well-known anti-Murim martial artists. Murim is a shadowy martial arts alliance that assassinated Chunwoo Han’s instructor.

The Black Forest Defense Group has assigned Chunwoo Han to a search.

The Breaker Season 3 anime
The Breaker Season 3 anime

It is an anti-government movement that is actively pitted against martial art alliances like Chunwoo Han. During the task, he met Shiwoon Yi, a student who had dealt with a bully problem in a school. Shi won Yi knows how to face the music from him.

The Martial Arts Alliance soon discovers that Shiwoon Yi is a Chunwoo Han student. He seeks to exact vengeance on him, and Shiwoon Yi serves as Alliance’s stooge. The Qi center is destroyed by a martial arts coalition.

Shiwoon becomes the Sunwoo Clan’s heir in the sequel, Spill the Beans. Shivoon attempts to occupy his QI center and break the martial art alliance in the rest of the novel.

From the rest, we should expect the tale to continue in the third season. Are you looking forward to the next season?

Is There Is Any Trailer of THE BREAKER SEASON 3?

The trailer for the first season of Beaker is currently unavailable. The only good news is that the writer has begun writing the third chapter, according to reports. It’s a comic book story, and the next episode may be animated; the trailer will be released next year.

You can read the entire volume of seasons 1 and 2 for the time being. I’ll update the details as soon as I receive some new information about the treasure.

The Breaker Season 3 anime trailer
The Breaker Season 3 anime trailer


There have been no confirmed cast announcements for the upcoming season. We would expect the main character to stay the same as in the previous season if we look at the previous season. Some of the main characters are mentioned below. If I’ve forgotten about any of your favorite characters, please let me know in the comments section.

  • Kang Tsung
  • Serra Kang.
  • Mrs. Y.
  • SAE- Be in a hurry.
  • Kang Tsung
  • Jin-Le Quan
  • Shi Woon


Well, the iconic manhwa series’ return was never in doubt in the first place. The series’ creator and illustrator were still upbeat about the possibility of a third installment. However, some problems arose before they could begin work on Season 3 of The Breaker. Instead, the two started collaborating on a new idea.

Soon after the second season ended, writer Jeon Geuk-jin and illustrator Park Jin-hwan released Trinity W onder, a brand new manhwa. Fans of The Breaker as well as new readers enjoyed the series. However, owing to the second comic, the writer-illustrator team chose to miss Season 3 of The Breaker. Despite this, they’ve given fans hope for years.


The author previously mentioned that they plan to begin work on The Breaker Season 3 as soon as Trinity Wonder Season 3 concludes. The latter took a long time to complete and took up a lot of the developers’ time. Fortunately, now that the third installment of Trinity Wonder is complete, the author will finally begin work on the long-awaited sequel. As a consequence, there’s finally some reason to be positive about the manhwa.

After the conclusion of Trinity Wonder Season 3, fans have speculated that the writers will soon restart The Breaker. Fortunately, these rumors were right, as Geuk-jin and Jin-hwan both confirmed the news. It reported on an interview conducted by the Star Comics publishing house last year. The Breaker Season 3 was briefly discussed in the interview by the writer-illustrator team.

The Breaker Season 3 trailer
The Breaker Season 3 trailer

They reported that the manhwa installment would most likely be released. They did warn, however, that the project would take at least a few years to complete. Although the writers haven’t confirmed it, it seems that they’ve already begun work on the forthcoming comic. As soon as an official renewal is received, we will update this portion.


The new volumes of the manhwa, according to the writer-illustrator, will take a few years to reach the market. It’s possible that Geuk-jin and Jin-hwan would take longer to finish because they already have projects lined up. At the very least, a release date in 2022 seems to be the most probable.

Do you want the manhwa to return for another season? What are your hopes for Season 3 of The Breaker? Let us know in the comments section below.

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