Star Anonymous Pubg ID, Age, Real Name

(Last Updated On: February 20, 2023)

Star anonymous is a well-known Pubg mobile player and content creator from Pakistan. With years of experience in the gaming industry, he has become an official Pubg mobile partner and has a huge following in the country.

Real NameMubeen
NicknameStar Anonymous 
Date of BirthAugust 05, 1998
Place of BirthRawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan 
PUBG ID5180495079
Clan NameSTAR
Control5 Finger
YoutubeStar Anonymous
Tik Tokstaranonymousop
Instagram  theanonymousxd
Star Anonymous Detail

Star Anonymous History

Star anonymous has been playing Pubg mobile since its first release. Before Pubg mobile, he had a passion for playing other games such as Clash of Clans and 8 Ball Pool.

However, he found his calling in Pubg mobile and has been playing it ever since. With his incredible gaming skills and strategic approach, he has managed to make a name for himself in the gaming community and best pubg mobile player.

star anonymous pic and pubg id

Star Anonymous Pubg Mobile Streamer

As a Pubg mobile player, Star anonymous has an impressive record of winning multiple matches and has even participated in various Pubg mobile tournaments. His fans admire him not only for his gaming skills but also for his passion for the game and his dedication to his fans.

Star anonymous often streams his gameplay on social media platforms such as YouTube and Tiktok, and his fans tune in to watch his exciting gameplay and learn from his strategies.

Pubg Mobile Content Creator

In addition to playing Pubg mobile, Star anonymous is also a content creator. He creates a variety of content related to Pubg mobile, such as tutorials, game reviews, and highlights of his gameplay. He also creates content on other topics related to gaming and technology.

Being an official pubg mobile partner, Star anonymous has access to exclusive content and features that other players may not have. He uses this to his advantage and creates unique content that his fans appreciate. His fans often turn to him for advice on how to improve their gameplay and he is always happy to share his expertise.


Star anonymous has become one of the most popular Pubg mobile players in Pakistan due to his impressive gameplay and dedication to the game. He is an inspiration to many aspiring gamers in the country and has helped to promote the gaming industry in Pakistan. With his talent and passion, Star anonymous is sure to continue making a name for himself in the gaming community.