How To Root Android Phone with TWRP 2021 Method

In this article, We will go through the steps for How to root Android Phone With TWRP or using a custom recovery like TWRP.

The open-source aspect of Android OS is one of its most appealing features. As a result, you can play around with the system and change it to suit your needs. However, this is only possible if your computer is rooted. You can have administrative rights to your computer once you have rooted it. And, contrary to popular belief, rooting is no longer a difficult job.

Any Android device can be rooted using one of two methods. The first is to use TWRP Recovery + Magisk, and the second is to use the stock boot image format + Magisk. The first one, using a custom recovery, will be covered in this tutorial. All you have to do now is follow the instructions below on how to root Android devices using TWRP Recovery.

What should you do Before Root Android Phone With TWRP

You must create a complete backup of your Mobile Phone data like backup your important images and video. Once your device is rooted you will be lost all your files.

Root android phone with TWRP isn’t easy that you think if you made any mistake it may lead your device to dead.

Some devices like Redmi, MI, VIVO require root permission from their company you must allow that before root android phone with TWRP or any of the steps to avoid any damage to your android phone. Once you unlocked your bootloader never block it again if you did it mistakenly then your device is dead you have to take your mobile phone to company service only they can fix it now.

Root Phone using TWRP
Root Phone using TWRP

Prerequisites Before to Root Android Phone with TWRP

You must follow these mentioned steps to avoid any loss during Root Android Phone with TWRP method and make your device more sage

  • To begin, you must first unlock your Android device’s bootloader. Go to our step-by-step instructions for more details.
  • Build a complete backup of your Android device next. Even though rooting does not wipe anything, it is always a good idea to be safe. Sync your media files to Google Images, documents to Google Drive, and backup your system settings by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘Backup.’
  • Make sure your battery is fully charged during the rooting phase to prevent any unexpected shutdowns. A minimum of 50% is recommended.
  • Enable the options for ‘Developer Options’ and ‘USB Debugging’: Go to ‘Config’ > ‘About Phone’ > ‘Reset’. 7 times tap on ‘Build Number’ > Return to ‘Settings’ > ‘Developer Options’ and turn on ‘USB Debugging’.

Required Files for Root Android Phone with TWRP

  • In order to execute commands for ADB or Fastboot. Download Android SDK Platform Tools 
  • Also, download and install the latest USB Drivers for your Android Device that you want to root.
  • Download the TWRP Recovery file for your Android device. The official version of TWRP can be directly downloaded from the TWRP website. Download both the image file (.img) as well as the flashable zip file (.zip). if it exists.
  • Some devices (like Redmi Note 7 Pro) don’t have an installer zip file, don’t worry. Just follow the below guide.
  • If there is no official version for your device, then download the unofficial one from XDA website.
  • Finally, download the latest Magisk Zip file.

Now Root Android Devices Using TWRP Recovery

How to Root Android Devices Without TWRP Recovery has already been discussed before. So you may wonder, “Why should I recommend this method over the other method to android devices?” The most important explanation is that a patched boot image file is needed for each android phone. If you want to avoid using TWRP Recovery, you’ll need a patch boot img file.

And if you lack the necessary skills, this is not a simple task. It’s possible that you’ll have to do a thorough search on XDA to find it. It’s also not a one-time thing. You’ll have to find a new patched boot image every time you update your computer. Another choice is to patch the boot image file manually.

This is something I will suggest to anyone because you can learn something new as a result of it. It’s also not nearly as complicated as it seems. Go to our How to Patch Stock Boot Image File guide and follow all of the instructions.

The first step in rooting a system using recovery is to install a custom recovery like TWRP which is more important to Root Android Phone with TWRP. However, it is not possible to install it directly (except in some rare cases like Redmi K20 Pro). To begin, the system must be booted into TWRP for a short period of time. The recovery will then be permanently mounted on your computer in the next phase.

The computer could then only be flashed with Magisk to gain administrative privileges. As a result, we’ve divided this installation process into the three parts mentioned above for your convenience to Root Android Phone with TWRP. Be sure to read through each one carefully. But first, take a look at the parts titled “Prerequisites” and “Downloads.” Following that, we’ll go over how to root any Android device via TWRP Recovery.

Boot Your Device Into TWRP Recovery

  • Connect your Mobile Phone to the PC via the USB Cable and also make sure USB Debugging is enabled.
  • Transfer the ‘TWRP zip file’ and the ‘Magisk Installer zip file’ to the device’s ‘Internal Storage’ or copy TWRP to SDCard/OTG in case TWRP does not support internal storage.
  • Download and install the Android SDK Platform Tools.
  • Download the TWRP recovery image (.img) file.
  • Place TWRP image inside the folder where you have installed the Android SDK Platform Tools.
  • Inside the Android SDK folder, while holding the ‘Shift’ key right-click in an empty area of a folder.
  • Select ‘Open PowerShell window here’ like in below Screen shot and click
How to root android phone via TWRP
How to root android phone via TWRP

Now it’s time to connect your Android Phone with your PC and then Type the below code to make sure that the phone you want to root is successfully connected.

adb devices

Now boot your device to bootloader/fastboot mode. Type in the below code or you can also use the manual method to boot the device into Fastboot by holding volume down + power button while the device is turned off.

adb reboot bootloader

Next, type in the following command to boot your device into TWRP Recovery installation mode and where you can install TWRP temporarily.

fastboot boot recovery-name.img

By the above command, the “recovery-name.img ” is the file name you have to load as the TWRP file name may be different for you then you must have to change that.

Now your device will boot into TWRP Recovery. Follow the next section to permanently install it.

How to Permanently Install TWRP Recovery on Android Devices

Root Android Phone With TWRP
Install TWRP in android Phone
  • In order to complete install TWRP in your device, your device should already be booted into TWRP Recovery by using the above methods.
  • Now First Tap on the ‘Install’ button to install any TWRP or Magisk.
  • Navigate to the TWRP zip file that you have earlier placed on your device.
  • Select the zip file to install.
  • Right, Swipe on the ‘Swipe to confirm Flash’ button to permanently install the TWRP Recovery.
  • Note: You’ll have to ‘Reboot’ your computer to ‘Recovery Mode’ rather than ‘System.’ Otherwise, the ‘DM-Verity’ command will be executed, and your computer will be bricked. To do so, go to TWRP’s ‘Reboot’ menu and choose ‘Recovery.’ This will restore TWRP Recovery to the system.
  • That’s it. You have successfully installed the TWRP Recovery on your Android device. Now head over to the next section to install Magisk and root your device via Magisk.
Install Magisk to root Mobile Phone
Install Magisk to root Mobile Phone
  • Now again Under TWRP, tap on the ‘Install’ option to root the phone using TWRP.
  • Select the Magisk zip file to install it.
  • Right, swipe on the ‘Swipe to confirm Flash’ button displayed at the bottom screen. Magisk will be successfully installed.
  • If you wish to flash any other files like DM Verity, do so right away. Head to the Install option, select that file, and perform a right swipe to flash it.
  • You may now reboot your device to Android System. Go to ‘Reboot’ and select ‘System’.

The Magisk Manager will be enabled on your Android Phone as it boots up to the Android operating system. Open it up and experiment with a variety of modules. Using the magisk hide feature, you can also hide root from various banking apps. The possibilities are limitless; why not give them a try?

So there you have it, a step-by-step guide on how to root Android devices using TWRP Recovery. If you run into any problems, please let me know in the comments section below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with a solution.

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