Pubg Mobile No Grass All Version 2021 Updated

First, let’s discuss Pubg Mobile No grass what really does it means. Can we really have the Pubg Mobile Official game without grass? Is it possible to remove grass from Pubg Mobile? We will completely discuss No grass APK or any other which some players may use.

How Pubg No Grass Hack work

In the previous season there we too many players using no grass hack for Pubg Mobile. As in Pubg Mobile’s’s new update too many hackers we banned due to violating Pubg Mobile rules and regulations. Most of hacker we using Pubg Mobile no grass PAK files which is now successfully detected and any player using that files will be easily get banned.

Which Pubg Free Hack is Nowadays being used

As most of Pubg Mobile hack is giving ban in which one of most widely hack was Cheto for iOS and for Android it was Sharpshooter that was only can be used on the non-rooted device as recently Pubg Mobile successfully caught sharpshooter developers and all of their projects stopped working. So Pubg Mobile had no working Hack that was famous. But recently more applications are being developed in which one is Cheat Ninja a clone copy of sharpshooter for rooted device.

For a non-rooted device, you must use Virtual Space in order to use Rooted applications. If you don’t want to use any external application or any virtual space then other players nowadays use Mod Obb hack.

Pubg Mobile No grass Hack
Pubg Mobile with No grass Hack

What is Pubg Obb Hack

If have a little bit of knowledge about Mobile games then may know the Obb file. Which is about the main file responsible to handle the complete game or any application. Then what is Pubg obb Hack basically it is almost likely the Pubg Mod Obb file in which the internal variable is being changed by hackers according to their needs.

Difference Pubg Mobile Less Recoil and Aimbot for Pubg

According to name less recoil hack and second one no recoil by name it does not make any difference but while came to functionality No recoil is also to know as Pubg anti shake hack . While in less recoil you slightly notice aim jump on first shoot in Pubg Mobile. In no Recoil hack there is no shake while firing all bullets will be at single point.

What’s in this Mod OBB Hack File:

Following are the some of features that may be included in modded obb file which is mostly used by Pubg Mobile Hackers to gain benefits in game.

  • No recoil
  • Remove grass
  • Remove fog
  • Remove rain
  • The internal update also bypass
  • Anti cheats remove(don’t use anything external)
  • Pron speed, movement speed, after knock also speed 
  • New Anticheats Bypass
  • Magic bullets
  • 90 FPS Graphics
  • Blacky sky issue fixed
  • TDM crash issue fixed
  • White body

No recoil hack for Pubg mobile is defined above now discuss more feature of obb file. This certain Pubg Mobile obb hack has Pubg white body hack alos with prone speed and 90 fps for Pubg Mobile if not available in your game.

Pubg White Body

Normally in Pubg Mobile white body successfully upgraded for Pubg 1.3. All players in pubg mobile have their own outfits and skins of Pubg Mobile character. All vehicle have their own skins. If Pubg mod obb is used then you will not see any default outfits and skins all players and vehicles.

Each object in-game will be white in color due to mod obb used in pubg Mobile. This type of hack is to be known as Pubg White Body hack.

Above were all the hacks that are basically added in Modded obb of Pubg Mobile. It contains No Recoil hack which means you will not face any sort of shake while try to fire on enemy. The second feature mentioned here is no grass which means by using this Obb files you will not see any sort of grass in any maps.

Can we Use Pubg Mobile ESP Hack

Absolutely you can use Pubg ESP 1.5 with no grass but you must have esp hack for pubg . Mostly esp requires root if you are looking for non root esp hack. Then there is high risk for you account in order to use pubg Mod. Because for non esp you must use mod apk for pubg Mobile.

Rain and Fogs are also removed in this Obb, anti cheat is successfully disabled in this version until you update your game. A little bit of magic bullet is added using this you can shot enemy behind the walls. One of best functionality added in this obb which will solve most of Pubg Mobile issue also know as LAG.

In this modded Obb file 90 FPS setting is allowed now you can successfully imroves your game FPS and mobile gameplay.

Pubg Mobile KR No Grass Hack Detail

For Pubg Mobile KR No grass you can also use config files. Config files are generally Activ.sav files with modified values if you do not want to use Pubg Mobile Obb Hack you can also give try to Pubg Kr No grass paks file. As no grass in season 18 was fully un detectable. Now most of hackers are still trying to create no Grass Hack for Pubg 1.4. As officially Pubg is not yet released in most of countries so we have to wait for it after that you will successfully get no grass hack for Pubg s19. If your game is updated to Pubg Mobile season 20 ESP will not work until you download the latest version.

How To Use Pubg Modded OBB Files:

  • Replace it in Android/obb/com.tencent
  • Make Sure You Game is 32 bit Global Version 
  • If you Don’t know its 32bit or 64bit very easy to detect Open obb folder and check if it have 80 or 90 then its 32 bit if its having 85 or 95 then its 64bit bit.
  • If your game is 64 bit then download 32bit Pubg apk and replace this obb and enjoy.
  • Another easy step to find your game version . If your android is 10 or 10+ version and you have downloaded game from playstore than your game is 64 bit and if your android is below 9 version then its 32 bit than just replace obb file

All of the below obb No grass Hack files are only for Pubg Mobile S18 or Pubg Mobile 1.3. For Pubg Mobile 1.4 No grass Hack is not yet released. All you have to wait for about 3 days when the season is released.

Join Telegram for Pubg No Grass Hack

If you still having any issue with getting files or facing any type of error you can join our Telegram Channel there you will find full support on how to use pubg no grass hack and from where to get it. There you will find many members which are always available to give you free support if required. To join Click Here

We also post different types of pubg Mobile script which can be useful in many aspect like reset pubg guest account method in rooted devices. If you face any problem just do comment below we will resolve your issue for pubg no grass hack files or any.

Which Pubg No grass Version you use

If you are facing issue which version of no grass file you have to download let me explain if you have pubg mobile s18 then you must use PUBG 1.3 no grass hack. If you game is Pubg S19 then you have to use Pubg no grass for s19 or 1.4.

If no grass hack does not work in Pubg Mobile s19 and you have also downloaded the correct file then check how to find your Pubg Mobile Game Version from here.

Pubg KR No Grass for 1.5

Click Here

Pubg Global White Body for 1.5

Click Here

Pubg VN No Grass for 1.5

Click Here

Pubg Mobile India No Grass Hack

No recoil and removes grass pubg Mobile. Pubg India no grass will be shared soon. Files are released and will be public soon to avoid any sort of ban risk.

Click Here to Download PUBG India Hack OBB

Pubg Mobile Global ESP MOD APK

Want to have ESP hack functions without getting your device rooted then you must use Pubg Mobile MOD apk. Pubg Mod is not same like original Pubg Mobile it have modified functionalities. In this Pubg Mobile Mod you will also get Pubg Mobile ESP without virtual space. Now you can use Pubg Mobile ESP directly without installing any external application.

Click Here to Download

If you have Android 11 or Android 10 and you are unable to access the Data folder or OBB folder you can use MT Manager with that file Manager you can also change any files in obb section while another file manager can not changes any files there.

All of these files are taken from Pubgleak. If you want more related posts or faces any issue just comment us below we will definitely help you out.

If have problem rooting your android phone click here

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