PUBG Mobile 1.0 Updates

Download PUBG Mobile 1.0 Update

PUBG Mobile 1.0 update has formally delivered on the Google Play Store, and the game workers are live at this point. The most recent update has added a few highlights to the game. The form incorporates the new Erangel 2.0 guide, Cheer Park 2.0, upgrades to the Livik guide, and significantly more. 

The size of the PUBG Mobile 1.0 update is around 1.8GB for Android gadgets. For more current players, the size of the game will be roughly 2.27 GB. For the individuals who can’t download it from the Google Play Store, we have arranged a point by point manual for introduce the game.

How to Download and Install Pubg 1.0 :

  1. Download the OBB files of the game from the above link.
  2. Open file manager on your phone and click on downloaded file 
  3. Allow installation from unknown sources if you haven’t enabled it yet. Navigate to settings>safety, and privacy> Install apps from Unknown Sources.
  4. Once the installation of the APK file is complete, create a new folder ‘com.tencent.ig’ in Android/OBB.
  5. Copy and paste the downloaded OBB file of the game in the directory.
  6. Open the PUBG Mobile app and enjoy the game.

As mentioned earlier, the size of the update is around 1.8 GB. Thus, make sure that your phone has enough storage space to accommodate the game. In case the downloaded file indicates an error saying, ‘There was a problem parsing the package’, then consider downloading the APK and OBB files again.

Updates In Pubg 1.0:

  • New Classic Mode Gameplay: Erangel 2.0
  • Livik Improvements (New Weapon M1014)
  • Beyond A.C.E.-Themed Gameplay
  • Payload Mode (v2.0) is coming back
  • Halloween Infection Mode (available from October 23)
  • Graphic Quality Upgrades
  • Cheer Park: Training Ground Updates
  • Island in the Lake at Cheer Park
  • Cheer Park Halloween (available from October 23)

Anti Cheat Updates:

“For fairness in weapon aim, in PUBG MOBILE Version 1.0, the anti-cheat team focused on identifying and successfully removing approximately 20 different methods of auto-aim and increased the penalty of auto-aim hack at the same time. Additional methods are continually monitored and addressed through updated detection protocols.

“The ongoing “Grass Hack,” which provides cheaters with an unfair visual advantage in battles, has also been eliminated. Existing security systems that identify this behavior now include increased security for prevention.”

One of the more surprising announcements from Tencent this week is that the upcoming PUBG Mobile update will be relatively small to download.

According to the PUBG Mobile support team, the new update will require very little extra space on Android devices, and 1 GB of additional storage space for iOS.

They have also warned that gamers will not be able to play together if they are running different versions of the game.

This can happen with PUBG Mobile due to how new patches are released region-by-region, leaving some players on a different version of the game to their friends.


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New Erangel: 

All-new Visuals 

Refreshed the sky, land, water, and vegetation to be more reasonable and nitty gritty 

Building Changes 

Changed the structure of certain structures. 

Huge Resource Point Changes 

Mylta Power: Mylta Power has been redesigned with another structure design to make asset directs nearer toward each other for more unforeseen advancements in fight. 

Quarry: Improved the territory structure, balanced the format of structures, included 7 new enormous stockrooms, and included landing focuses for much additionally plundering alternatives. 

Jail: Adjusted the territory structure to include more dividers in the environmental factors. Balanced some structure designs to give everybody new strategic alternatives. 

Changes in accordance with other asset focuses in the Play Zone: Added various asset focuses in the Play Zone. 

New Map Elements 

Included channels, wooden blockades, relinquished tanks, and developments as spread to make an all the more convincing front line air across Erangel which will make new strategies and systems conceivable. 

Building Structure Changes 

Balanced the structure of some urban regions to give players a stunningly better encounter while assaulting and safeguarding. A few structures presently highlight storm cellars, and players should crush the wooden entryway of the storm cellars with their weapons before they can enter. 

Livik Improvements: 

New gun: M1014 

  • All-new self-loader shotgun. Burden up to 7 rounds for a remarkable tight situation battle understanding. 
  • It tends to be furnished with the Shotgun Muzzle or Bullet Loop connection and is as of now the most proficient Shotgun to use in battle. 
  • Ammunition can be physically reloaded which permits everybody to adjust to crises that may get you off guard. 
  • Just shows up on Livik on the Classic Battle Royale Map and Arena, alongside different shotguns. 
  • Special visualizations Improvements 
  • Improved precision of rock surfaces with smoother illustrations. 
  • Improved presentation of water surfaces with smoother illustrations. 
  • Improved presentation of subtleties when Monster Truck is seen from a good ways. 
  • Improved showcase of cascades with smoother designs. 
  • Improved close-up show of cascades. 
  • Improved impacts during landing. 
  • Stage Balancing Adjustments 
  • Diminished focal points of the framework inverse the cascade. 
  • Expanded water profundity over the cascade. 
  • Marginally expanded the thickness of vegetation in the upper left territory. 
  • The enormous pontoon is supplanted with a speedboat, which invigorates, and can be utilized in restricted streams. 
  • Minor changes to flexibly drops. 
  • Balanced grass dissemination. 

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed bugs with cutting, skimming articles, and holes in the landscape. 
  • Fixed an issue with Monster Truck getting stuck in dividers. 
  • Fixed an issue with trees vanishing. 

Past A.C.E.- Themed Gameplay 

  • Some puzzling Energy Towers endure the Implosion and stay on Erangel. Players will have the option to recover supplies at these Energy Towers by meeting certain conditions in battle. 
  • During the occasion, players get an opportunity to enter this mode during Erangel matchmaking in Classic Mode. 

Security Performance Improvements: 

  • Improved and extended the extent of observers’ adversary perceivability location. 
  • Completely overhauled innovation arrangements, and added a punishment system to focus on the most up to date modules/con artists. 
  • Improved the cycle and instruments for the delivery and dispatch of the security strategy to respond and battle new hacks all the more quickly. 
  • Improved the effect of security checking on execution, and decreased force utilization and slack brought about by security observing. 

Realistic Quality Upgrades 

  • Improved the skin surfaces and facial subtleties for players’ character models. 
  • Improved the precision of hair on players’ characters to make it look more regular and layered. 

Activity Improvements: 

  • Improved simplicity of exchanging between activities in versatile mode. 
  • Improved showcase of firearm checking during backup. 
  • Upgrades for more regular advances between movements during parachute drop and landing. 

Special visualizations Improvements: 

  • Improved structure and landscape changes between zones for better mixing. 
  • Improved nature of lighting, giving vegetation and the sky a more layered look. 
  • New water surface improvements, with reflections and continuous changes at the coast. 

Character Items Improvements: 

  • More precise models for weapon sights 
  • Improved presentation of focus for holographic, red spot and optical sights, new parallax alteration impact. 
  • Improved shell launch activitys while discharging, new impact, and more grounded shooting input. 

Essential Improvements: 

  • Most cellphone models would now be able to help 90 FPS 
  • Made enhancements to focus on a slack issue that is set off the first run through a player hits another major part in fight. 

New Updated Graphics:

As previously there was only graphics till HD now in Pubg Mobile 1.0 update you will get UHD graphics support with 90fps on supported devices.

Royale Pass Season 15 

  • New subject with new rewards! Past A.C.E is here! 
  • UI design upgrades: Players would now be able to turn tabs on the correct side of the screen rather than the top for more prominent comfort. 
  • Improved prize presentation: New key visual see of level prizes, new see of unpurchased rewards, and reviews of recently included container things 
  • Improved voucher trade: Pay legitimately in the voucher window. 
  • Improved RP point collection: RP focuses gained between seasons will naturally change over to customary point cards.

Download APK:

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