Prefer Instagram over Other Social Media Platforms?

Prefer Instagram over Other Social Media Platforms?

Social media is experiencing exponential growth, with over four billion people. This is because the substantial social media world has made it extremely easy to connect with prospects.However, even among this crowd, there’s one specific platform with huge potential, and it can leave its competitors to be left behind.I don’t have to argue with you about how addicting Instagram is now! click here

Instagram has strengthened its grip and is now outdoing the other big players. It offers evergreen to current content to choose from stories, post reels, guides, and more, providing you with numerous opportunities to market your create a brand unlike any other.

Here are the most recent statistics from social media that prove the drumming.

Over 1.15 billion users make use of Instagram each month

90% of the users of Instagram are on at least one account for business.

Eighty-three percent of Instagram users come across new services and products on the platform.

50 percent of Instagram users are more attracted to a brand when they see advertisements on Instagram

Five percent of the micro-influencers think they have the highest engagement on Instagram

These Instagram figures demonstrate the growth rate of Instagram. No wonder the most prominent brands choose Instagram over other platforms to promote their products or services. Contacting new customers and building a large fan base of brand ambassadors can be easy.

Are you still not convinced? Read these top 5 reasons companies prefer Instagram over other popular social networks, and you should too!

1. Make sure to tap into the Pool of Mobile App users

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the other major social media platforms have moved to mobile.

What is the reason?

Because mobile devices generate over 54.8 percent of all internet traffic, although the percentage dropped during the last quarter of 2018, it returned to its previous level.

But there’s more. According to a Tech Crunch report, users across the globe will spend on average 4.2 hours using mobile apps every day in 2021.

How to Create Engaging Images for Social Media?

Numerous studies have also shown that more people are using social networks on mobile devices. Therefore, it is evident that this app that dominates the majority of phones requires to receive the most significant attention.

Instagram has always attracted more mobile users with its mobile-centric interface. It’s no wonder that Instagram is the second most popular platform, with 84% of users engaging.

2. Increase Brand Reach

With the continuous introduction of new features and considering the pandemic’s effects, Instagram’s user base is likely to rise to new levels.

Why should anyone care about Instagram when Facebook has more than 2.5 billion monthly users?

Ten million advertisers use Facebook to reach their targeted viewers. But Facebook’s latest update to its algorithm for news feeds has made it difficult for brands and advertisers to ensure they are seen and heard.

When compared to Facebook, Instagram has over 2 million monthly users. Therefore, you not only got a lower level of competition on Instagram but also an increased chance of success. Additionally, the Reel update for Instagram could turn you into a viral sensation and expand your reach by a significant amount.


Framebridge, an online framing service, was able to reach thousands of people with consistent Reels posting. Check out this sharp image of Framebridge feed with a massive reach.

3. Increase Visibility through Visual Content

It shouldn’t be surprising to learn that images are the ideal way to convey your message to your audience. This is why marketers favor using visuals as part of their marketing strategies on social networks. Instagram wins hands down when selecting the right social platform for such an enthralling marketing method.

The Instagram news feed is packed with engaging images. Utilizing a no-cost Instagram scheduling tool helps share information in timely manner capabilities without degrading the quality.

According to a BuzzSumo study, posts on Facebook through Instagram have higher engagement than photos posted directly.

Images posted via Instagram.

In addition, according to Social Media Today’s predictions, Instagram is the fastest-growing social network in the world. These figures demonstrate that Instagram can help you effectively present your brand’s image worldwide.

But, to make the most of Instagram, include relevant hashtags in your posts. Hashtags aid in getting your posts noticed by Instagram users via searches and increase visibility by 3X.

4. Get the most out of Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories

Today’s consumers want or insist that brands tell real stories which resonate with them.Naturally, this prompts businesses to include storytelling in their customer interactions. When it comes to telling stories by brands, Instagram will be the show’s star’s social media platform.

Instagram Stories have been a significant factor in the increase of 7-10 minutes the average app user spends each day. There are currently over 500 million users on Instagram Stories.


Instagram Stories can open up a variety of opportunities for companies. You can not only utilize geo-location tagging and hashtags, text, and shoppable features, but you can also advertise on Stories.

Instagram hasn’t stopped here, however. In the year 2020, it launched the first TikTok-like feature called Reels. This is another chance for companies to reach out to a large audience on Instagram. Learn how to utilize Instagram reels to promote your business.

5. Boost Engagement Rates

Do you realize that more than 500 million users are active on Instagram daily?

But, it’s not just the sheer quantity of users who use the platform. The ability of the platform to attract leads with the highest engagement rates on published content is worth the effort.

What micro-influencers had to share concerning engagement with Instagram? In a poll by Bloglovin, 55 percent of the micro-influencers believed that Instagram could be the top platform to engage viewers.


When choosing the right influencers for your campaign, engagement is an important aspect. With the rise and increasing popularity of Instagram, there has been an increase in untruthful methods.

Certain companies provide followers in exchange for a cost. However, the paid followers are rarely authentic and are usually made up of bots and fake accounts.

If you select influencers to promote your campaign, look at their engagement rates higher than their followers. The higher the engagement rate, the greater the chance that an influencer is genuine and authentic.

It is possible to search for relevant influencers that fit your market and then check their engagement rates and reach. You can track and evaluate your campaigns efficiently and adjust them in real-time.

A Hubspot article claims that although Facebook has two times more than its monthly audience, Instagram generates 23% more engagement than Facebook. Therefore, it’s the ideal option for marketing professionals at large.

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