How to Enable OEM unlock for Samsung and What is OEM Unlock 2021

Most users are looking for What is OEM unlock for Samsung or any other Android device. Why would anyone need to unlock the OEM option for android? Here we will discuss what is OEM unlocking device means. How you can easily unlock OEM what will be its benefits for Android phone. First, let’s mention what is basically OEM Unlocking.

What is OEM Unlocking

There are many reasons that most mobile companies hide OEM switch to unlock from the user. One of its main cause is if any user unintentionally enables OEM to unlock features which if he does not its disadvantage so he can get into great troubles. Because if your device is block OEM still your mobile has all the necessary features that everyone wants for normal users.

Locked OEM has one of the main functions is every time your mobile phone starts or boors it verifies and checks the signature of the software each and every time if your android phone has locked OEM. Anyhow if the bootloader lock removed it allow the other apps or software to bypass the security.

In result which will allow custom flashing or rooting your android phone.

Advantage of OEM Unlock

If you want the features to gain access to your android phone or wants to root the mobile phone or by installing custom TWRP or firmware. Then the unlocking OEM is the first step. To enable OEM, you must first enable the developer option to confirm that you know what you are doing with your mobile phone.

Want to know what you can do with your android phone if you unlock your phone OEM. Below is the complete functionality that can be done after OEM unlock.

  • Unlocking bootloader
  • Installing Custom Recovery
  • Installing Custom ROMs
  • Rooting Device
  • Installing Custom kernel
  • Removing bloatware
  • Installing famous mods like Viper4Android
  • Modifying system files and Partitions
  • And many other cool things. (I just barely scratched the surface here)

Unlocking bootloader voids warranty of your device.

How to Enable OEM Unlock Toggle on Samsung

If want to know how to enable OEM Unlock on Samsung first carefully follow few steps to avoid any sort of Data loss.

Backup Important Data

To make sure to avoid any kind of data loss before unlocking the bootloader because if you unlock the bootloader after OEM allowing all your data will be erased so make sure to backup necessary file.

Before Enabling OEM unlock make sure to follow these

Step 1 Enable Developer Option in Android phone

Following are the few steps to enable developers’ option on Android phone. Below can be the steps to allow Developer option in Samsung Mobile.

  • First, from the home screen of your Android device go to the Settings
  • Scroll down to the System tab and open it.
  • Find the About phone and select it.
  • Scroll down to find the Build number section and tap on it 7 times until you see the message “Congratulations! You’re now a developer”.
  • Now you have successfully unlocked the developer option for your Samsung Android device.

Step 2 Enable OEM Unlock

Now to enable OEM in Samsung or any android mobile phone follow below steps to unlock OEM.

  • First Navigate to Setting in Android Device.
  • Tap on Setting.
  • Now open Developer Option.
Enable OEM Unlock
Allow Developer Option to Enable OEM Unlock
  • Scroll down and will see OEM Unlock.
  • Now Tap OEM Unlock to enable toggle switch on.
samsung OEM Unlock
Oem Unlock for Samsung
  • It will require your device security PIN or password that you have set on your android device.
OEM Unlock for MI Phone
OEM Unlock for MI Phone
  • Congrats OEM unlocked if you want to unlock the bootloader now it’s possible.

How to Root after allow OEM Unlock

Unlocking OEM 

Turning on a switch that allows us to run “fastboot” commands to unlock the bootloader. (Without enabling OEM unlock, you cannot use fastboot commands to unlock bootloader)

Unlocking Bootloader 

That allows us to install custom recovery on android device.

Installing Custom Recovery (like TWRP) 

Custom Recovery allows us to flash third-party images, which the default recovery doesn’t allow (for example Magisk, Viper4android etc.).

Flashing Magisk 

Magisk is a suite of open source tools for customising fundamental parts of Android which includes “root”.

Now, you know it’s not identical to opening the bootloader for OEM unlocking. These are two stages that you must take consecutively.

Why No OEM Unlock in Developer Option

If you were looking OEM option in your developer section but failed to find then first check have you enabled the android developer option? If Yes then you will see toggle OEM unlock if failed to find then follow some steps to show that toggle. This method might be suitable for some device out of the US.

In last if your device is US-based you will definitely face no OEM unlock option in the Developer section because of their privacy.

Fix Missing OEM Unlock in Samsung

If you any US-based Samsung Mobile you might face this issue that unable to unlock OEM. In United State, Samsung and the carriers agreed to lock bootloader from Samsung devices. The only way you can unlock if you take it to them (nobody would do that). If you tried to root your device, it would be pointless.

Without OEM you will not be able to root any of your device Doing constant research until you “think” you found it. It would all be a waste and just go back to buying a phone with Android version 4.2 or lower. Or look for any device that is not United State-Based.

But if you still want to give try to unlock OEM for Samsung there are few methods over the internet that we will method below to try on your mobile phone to OEM Unlock.

Can we root android device without unlocking bootloader?

Yes, bootloader unlocking will help in rooting any android device. However, unlocking the bootloader the easiest way to root a smartphone. Rooting is fairly hard without unlocking the bootloader and might lead to needless complications such as system crash and corruption in some devices.

Does Enabling OEM unlock voids warranty of device?

Absolutely “OEM unlock” will remove or expires warranty in some of your android devices but some have different policy. Like policy for bootloader unlock. You can unlock the bootloader of the Oneplus device and your warranty will not be void.