MSI Afterburner complete Guide for overclocking GPU

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2022)

MSI afterburner guide is the best overclocking software. It provides a comprehensive overview of the major hardware components and allows for easy benchmarking of your performance, recording gameplay or showing FPS in-game.

And all this is for FREE so download it now if you want to get ahead on the competition today. MSI AfterBurner also provides support cross-platform between Nvidia & AMD cards.

MSI Afterburner overclock is widely used by users of graphics cards in their system. The system comes with many different tuning options and gives you more freedom to tweak and monitor your system’s performance.

We have described the features provided by Software Engineers, covered a breakdown of the software usage, and covered some of the other features included.

We also provided a look at how you can msi afterburner cpu overclock and monitor your system through the software’s fan control option and hardware monitoring tools to help you tune up your system performance with the most powerful graphics card possible.

What is MSI Afterburner?

afterburner 20181105 1
MSI Afterburner for RTX 2070

MSI Afterburner is a brilliant tool for monitoring and benchmarking though its true shine comes with its underclocking capabilities.

It helps you slowly and carefully adjust the GPU core clock and tinker with the MSI afterburner memory clock and the Fan speeds and Power Limits.

We want to award it gold stars as the best because it is simple and easy to use. We also appreciate that it has an attractive feature.

You can also modify and try a set of GPU key settings and see how these changes in real-time affect them.

It offers a handy oversize display that allows you to immediately see the improvements at the framerate and how much this is cost-effective.

Overclocking Guide for beginners – MSI Afterburner Core voltage msi afterburner

MSI Afterburner fearures
Credi MSI

If you are new, I would suggest not tweaking the core under the MSI afterburner voltage and Power Limit section. You should never change the core voltage msi afterburner of your GPU unless you’re a seasoned pro with years of expertise, in which case, go ahead. An expert pro with years of experience under his belt, in which case, go ahead.

  • It’s always best for beginners, though; just play it safe by raising or lowering these two settings gradually until they are at comfortable levels for them don’t rush into things blindly thinking.
  • Overclocking with msi afterburner will fix anything because sometimes accidentally made mistakes can lead us down some evil paths without even knowing where precisely those roads might lead us.
  • GPU overclocking is an essential part of your gaming PC. The first thing you need to do when taking on the task at hand, or risk ruining all that hard work with every click and error message possible in-game, is overclocking both cores by 25MHz.
  • So let’s increase our core clock speeds using either keyboard buttons + mouse scroll wheel (or arrow keys). When doing this, just make sure they are higher than stock and for how long they have been running before testing them out.
  • It doesn’t take much time, but if anyone step isn’t done correctly, then everything suffers because, without proper cooling systems, these settings can lead directly to heat issues which will eventually cause problems related to performance.

How do I overclock MSI Afterburner guide?

MSI afterburner guide
Credit: MSI AfterBurner
  • MSI Afterburner is simple to install on Windows and does not need to be risky for use. Overclocking is not risk-free because adjusting the GPU can increase the risk of permanent damage.
  • Immediately stop your GPU before you take it too long and get experts’ advice. Remember to use it immediately after the settings change in Windows when you change the system.
  • The system stipulates overclocking and testing techniques to find the best and most stable settings possible. Please visit our website for more details after reviewing the latest edition of this article.
  • In the event of any issues with Kombustor, be sure to keep an eye on its window. These include flickering graphics and other screen problems and driver crashes that may pop up depending upon your computer’s hardware setup or current software installation status.
  • If you don’t experience any issues, increase the core clock by another 25Mhz and stress test it for 5 minutes. Keep repeating this process until your card starts crashing or overheating
  • If any of the reported issues have started showing up, it means you’ve reached your max point for GPU overclock. Any further increase will crash drivers, and there’s nothing to be afraid of here.
  • Just keep increasing until something breaks. The driver reset process is precisely what we want to find out where on the spectrum that was with this new knowledge then head into battle sans worry about crashing again because now everything should go smoothly.

Advance Overclocking Method

MSI Afterburner guide
Image from MSI

Fan speed is controlled by default and automatically on most graphics cards. This is done to reduce noise. Still, overclockers need better airflow to keep their GPUs working at optimal temperatures, which means they’re going to be using custom curves instead of the ones that came included with your card.

First, go to settings and under the “fan” tab, check “Enable user-defined software automatic fan control.” You’ll be provided with a graph that shows your speed as well as temperature.

On this page, there are boxes for setting new values or deleting an existing box by Left-clicking on it then dragging it away from where it’s located onto somewhere else on your screen if needed (or vice versa). My recommended values will look something like what’s shown below: As seen above, my settings were chosen so users can browse through three different speeds before needing any help figuring out which one they want most of the time.

After setting your custom fan curve, make sure there’s at least one “fan” box in the graph by pressing the New button, which will copy all of your current settings; otherwise, no speed can be defined. Make sure it’s located somewhere on the very right side of the graph, or else you’ll have a difficult time finding a stable OC while using auto-fan mode.

This comes with some personal testing because GPU overclocking isn’t a pre-set thing for everyone, and not everyone reacts to an overclock in precisely the same way, even if they’re running from the same batch line.

The end result is up to how well you know yourself, and this means that before doing anything, check out reviews from other users who’ve had luck overclocking on their graphics card.

If you have an issue finding the ideal settings on your own, always keep an eye on Kombustor to ensure that things run smoothly. A quick look at its window should reveal any problems, like flickering graphics, for example.

Remember to monitor how your GPU is feeling by checking out its status in real-time using some of these methods:

All of these techniques will help reveal the true potential of your GPU without spending too much time or effort on something that could be running perfectly fine as it is now. Check with online communities before making changes that can leave permanent marks if done wrong.

Manual MSI afterburner overclock

MSI Afterburner gives you the ability to customize your preferences in the primary windows. It is handy if you lose track of tweaking and wish to reset the entire process to the baseline.

The good of Overclockers is that all the information you need is right here. Before you change anything, you’d like to keep the default settings in a profile.

If the benchmark suddenly turns unstable (artefacts, crashes etc.), reduce the parameter level to a stable level. Similarly, if your graphics card runs at 86-90F or higher, then decrease the slider. If you have current power at over 85C, the slider decreases.

Compatibility Overclocking with msi afterburner

Afterburner is generally compatible with every GPU. It depends on the manufacturer, brand chipset model and card manufacturer. Its cross-brand support is different from other products that only target cards.

I feel like it’s the top GPU booster tool on the planet, and I’d recommend anyone with some trouble to take advantage of it immediately.

The software is fully open and highly intuitive. You may not have seen them. Let us know what you have done in your comment below; we like your feedback and can answer your questions immediately. Let’s get into more detail about this soon.

Create a custom display on the screen

MSI afterburner settings gives you access to vital information on a particular screen. OSD allows you to monitor video frames, CPU temperatures, clock speeds and other data sources. For example, the frame rate / CPU use is of paramount importance.

For more precise control over your OSD, you can change OSD settings by app, position the OSD on your screen and other fine detail.

Click OK to apply changes running your games and pressing your Hotkey to bring up OSD in Game. Click the screen icon and set the key to the Hotkey to enable it.

How do I use MSI Kombuster?

You must learn how to overclock with afterburner and read Kombustor before overclocking with msi afterburner for your card. Do you want to begin the process of overclocking? Start right now.

You should look at what other users’ results were during the same overclocking process to make sure you’ve got your card at the maximum potential.

The following short Guide describes how this can be accomplished in this long Guide. We will show you the steps and show you the details of overclocking your phone using KombUSTor.

Setting a fan profile

MSI afterburner fan profile
Credit : MSI

Customized fan profiles are essential for optimizing GPU efficiency. Overclocking any GPU requires a lot of fan juice for me.

Ideally, your motherboard needs to keep cooling for as long as possible. The situation will differ according to the speed of the fan you select. And when the GPU is at 50 degrees, the speed would be a maximum of 30%.

It’s a learning curve, so do try and figure out what’s good for you. Tell me the best way to create a personal fan profile. 

How do I set up a fan profile?

From here, the curve becomes subjective. We would only recommend 100% fans per hour if the temperature is over 70 degrees centigrade.

The chance of permanent damage increases with a temperature above this threshold. Your fans can run loud, especially in low temperatures, so the profile is ideal when you need to reduce the unwanted noises. In theory, caution is the best method.

How do I run benchmarks in MSI Kombustor?

‘Review benchmarking tools can be used to determine your system’s maximum limit.

These guides will tell you how much you can hope to keep these things in check. This is known more as overclocking.

  1. Open the MSI Afterburner application and click on the capital “K” sign in the MSI Afterburner window’s upper left corner. Bear in mind that the positioning of K varies based on the sort of Afterburner skin you’re using. As is the situation in my scenario, the K appears directly beneath the MSI Afterburner wording.
  2. When you push the K button, the Kombustor immediately begins the stress test.
  3. You can check and evaluate your graphics card’s GPU load, frame rate, and temperature to get an idea of power consumption at default settings.
  4. Using the test results, you may fine-tune your GPU and CPU to perform at a high level.

What does MSI Afterburner settings do?

MSI Afterburner core speed
MSI Afterburner core speed

MSI Afterburner is the latest version released by the company. The software is built to be one of the most vital machines available in the world. It is now offered online for 93 cents.


Afterburner allows users to watch real-time changes made on your graphics card. You can monitor the GPU in terms of the temperature, clock rate and core clock speed, voltage, FPS etc., through a collection of charts.

The screen also uses Rivatuner’s statistical server, which has been pre-programmed for different uses. Afterburn can also be used to monitor your CPU Core, Memory clock speed and Core clock speeds and the use of the server that can be programmed according to your needs and match your gaming requirements.

How to use MSI afterburner

Afterburner lets you tweak virtually every aspect of your GPU, including timing settings, MSI afterburner voltage CPU power, temperatures, memory clock speed, and fan speed. MSI has built software to be able to work together with every graphics card available.

This uses the OCScanner, which uses Nvidia’s tool NVIDIA Graphics to determine all GPU models. It finds the highest and most stable settings of this card.

Then it applies the new changes to your card for instant performance gains. All options are saved to the software and are toggled with a single click.

MSI Afterburner Alternatives

MSI Afterburner provides you with several tools that will help you replicate different features that Afterburner provides. There cannot be an alternative to the MSI-certified program.