What Does Funny words KEKW Mean in Twitch Chat

Most users want to know what kekw mean. If you are also using regular Twitch and watching streams you may have come with comment spam as “KEKW” you might think what these words really mean. In this article, we will explain what it means if you are ambiguous about this word.

What is KEKW on twitch

If you are not very familiar with Twitch you will face a little hurdle to find such emote because for a normal user it’s not available it’s primarily available via the FrankerFaceZ browser plugin.

KEKW Meaning

As KEKW meme emote is mostly spammed when streamer does something strange activity. This Kekw means or emote is used widely and had become the most identical in Twitch streams.

The word kekw meaning is simple it basically suggests laughter. As Spanish guy laughed in TV show video that laugh became too popular that people starting using it on Twitch. If you wants to know about what is KEK then basically KEK is the Koreans equivalent of European LOL.

KEKW Mean in Twitch
KEKW Mean in Twitch

KEKW Meaning Twitch Chat

The KEKW meme is basically of famous YouTube featured by Juan Joya Borja, also known as El Risitas.

The laugh of the EL Risitas basically gave origin to the KEKW emote in twitch and now circulating all over Twitch.

How KEKW Chat Started ?

As LOL is a chat phrase basically used if some saw some funny acts or content. Like LOL this KEKW is also the laughing phrase or indicator which is normally originated from Korea. If they want to show as they are laughing so they use the KEKW word for laughing as like in Russia they use the xaxaxaxa to show their laugh in chat. While in some area laughing can also be expressed as LOL.

The KEKW emotes is popularized recently in Twitch to show laughter in chat.

What is KEKW Meme on Twitch?

what does kekw mean on twitch
what does kekw mean on twitch

In one of the most popular YouTube videos an interview of Borja in 2007 in that interview he laughs while trying to explain an anecdote.

The KEKW laugh is also referred to as the “Risitas laugh”, in that video with only revealing his toothless mouth and focusing on his exquisite moustache was later the generation of different memes in the Twitch chat Community.

KEKW Origin

The Custom Twitch emote was submitted by the meme site user Keesual on the meme website Franker FaceZ. What Does KEKW Mean in Twitch Chat than according to the source it’s the still image of Borja laughing? All these statements were on On August 21st, 2019.

The common belief of KEKW famous is on specific Twitch channels like as xQc and AdmiralBulldog, the emote became popular. While LUL was one of the most popular emote before KEKW. Now Kekw twitch meme is gaining more growth.

More Memes Like KEKW

PogChamo and Kappa are also the widest memes used as kekw.

Who is Risitas ?

Juan Joya Borja was a Spanish comedian on the stage he was also known as El Risitas. First, he appeared in 2000 and started his carrier as an actor. He gained most of his popularity in TV-based shows. One of the most famous KEKW memes is famous after him on twitch most people do not know kekw means.

How to donate on Twitch with Kekw meme

Kekw emote funny chat
Kekw emote funny chat

While most of the twitch streamers donate to streamers on the basis of their content. This platform is created to show talent while viewers can donate money on twitch. If someone is mad on stream that viewers donate by using meme stickers for the streamers.

Do not spam too much meme to avoid Ban

As twitch is to support the talent streamer so don’t make fun of them or else your account with automatically be banned by twitch. Once an account is banned by twitch hard to recover. If you are banned by a streamer then you can request them to unban your twitch account. If you want to know how long have I been following someone on twitch who will make you loyal to your streamer.

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