Kanwal Aftab Marriage, Age, Pics, and Complete Detail

In today’s article, we are going to briefly discuss one of the famous Pakistani TikTok Star Kanwal Aftab. Also called the Pakistani Tiktok Queen. Most of her Pakistani fans looking at her age, Date of Birth, and about her relationship status. Here you will find all the correct and true information about her.

Kanwal Aftab a famous TikToker, Social Influencer, and good TV anchor was born in Lahore. According to different sources, her date of birth is Jan 1998. Her mother tongue is Punjabi. Her education is BS in mass communication Religion Muslim. Her nickname is Kanwally. She also used her name in her Snapchat account. Most of her fans are from TikTok due to her quality content.

TikTok Queen Kanwal Aftaab
TikTok Queen Kanwal Aftaab

Kanwal Aftab Marrieage:

Her friend or else we can call her best friend Chaudry Zulqarnain Sikandar. According to Zulqarnain they first met at the concert organized by Falaq Shabir. When they met first at that time She only had about 1.2 Million followers on TikTok.

Kanwal Aftab Marriage
Zulqarnain Marriage Pic

Now TikTok is banned in Pakistan in the month of March. So most TikTok users looking for her content, pictures, and her daily life update to watch but unable to find it. We provide all her Social Profiles to get her latest content and keep yourself updated on Kanwal Aftab marriage or relationship status which is mostly searched by Pakistani peoples.

Kanwal Marriage Video
Kanwal Marriage Video

The Above picture is from their Marriage ceremony. Their Kanwal Marriage video is availble on her instagram account.

Zulqarnain Haider Kwal Aftab Friend
Zulqarnain Sikandar Kwal Aftab Friend

Kanwal Aftab Income Source:

Most of her earnings are from promotion as she promotes different products like Mobile phones, daily usage products of his social accounts like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook pages. She also worked with UrduPoint.com. Most of you might know Nasir Shami which is a famous anchor at UrduPoint.

Kanwaal Aftab at UrduPoint Job
Kanwaal Aftab at UrduPoint Job

Promotion charge for Video Charge from TikTokers:

Kanwal Aftab does promotion. If you are looking to have a promotion from her you must know her charges. She might charge about 150,000+ per promotion video.

About Kanwal Aftab Marriage :

Before, that she was a good friend of Zulqarnain but recently they got married. According to a recent update, Kanwal is finally Married to Choudry Zulqarnain Sikandar on 4th April 2021.

Now she hosts a YouTube Channel named as GupShup. She also recently worked on a song with Beyond Records. If you want to check out her song you can watch it below.

Kanwal Aftab Song

Kanwal Aftab Instagram Account:

Most of her audience is searching her in Google or another platform like Youtube and Facebook to get her daily lifestyle updates but make sure no one uploads their update on such platform. If you want to have her update you must create an Instagram account before and make sure to follow her. Then you will absolutely be her great and updated fan.

If you are looking to have her Instagram account you can get it from Here

Kanwal Aftaab With Chourdy Abrar Ahmad
Kanwal Aftaab With Chourdy Abrar Ahmad

Kanwal Aftab SnapChat Account:

She also shared his Official Snapchat account on his Instagram if you want to have her Snapchat account it’s shared below you can check her profile there.

Snapchat account of Kanwal Aftab: Kanwal.155

Kanwal Aftab TikTok Account:

She has a very good vision for the TikTok account. According to her, she creates about a minimum of 5 videos per day for her followers. She has about 8+ Million TikTok followers. If you want her TikTok Account you can check it here to view her TikTok Profile.

Kanwal Aftab FaceBook Account

She also has Facebook Page if you want to have any business-related queries you can also contact her at Facebook Page Given Below

For Her Facebook Page : Click Here

Kanwal Aftab Youtube Channel:

Officially Kanwal doesn’t have any official channel where she creates Vlogs or anything more stuff but she has a Youtube Channel named as GupShup. In GupShup Youtube channel she is a Host to bring guests and ask them interesting questions about their life.

Kanwal Aftab Pictures :

Kanwal Aftab Picture
KanwaAftab Pictures
Kanwal Aftab marriage
KanwaAftab Pictures
KanwaAftab Shooting Pictures
KanwaAftab Shooting Pictures
KanwalAftab and Zulqarnain at Istamabad
KanwalAftab and Zulqarnain at Istamabad

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