Hello! Recently, we’ve been asking more questions about keeping the wood, metal, and glass vases we sell looking nice. Oh, don’t worry about it anymore. In this article, we’ll show you how to keep your beautiful centrepieces, cylinder vases bulk, and planters looking their best for as long as possible.


Our beautiful glass vases and candle holders are made by hand by skilled glassblowers in other countries. This means that the smoothness of the glass on the different items we sell might be a little different. There may also be some difference in how thick the glass is. Even though these differences aren’t always noticeable, they may affect how long our products last. We don’t think the glass isn’t durable, though, because the finer the glass, the more fragile it is. This makes them even clearer and more attractive, so keeping them in good shape is important.

Each of our vases is made by hand and from a different kind of glass. Most of our glass vases, our glass apothecary jars, and our glass candle holders are made from premium tempered glass, one of the best types of glass available. Only crystal and glass with lead can compare to how clear it is. All of the other things in our catalogue are made of safety glass. Utility glass is usually heat and scratch-resistant and is usually made to hold large, densely packed flower arrangements.

Like premium tempered glass, utility glass is not porous, doesn’t contain lead, and can usually be put in the dishwasher. Still, many of our glass candle holders and vases can’t go in the dishwasher because of their size or shape. Doing so could damage the item. Since our vases aren’t usually used to hold food or drink, it’s best to clean them by hand instead of in a machine.


Most of the time, all it takes to keep the glass vases sold at Vase Market looking their best is a quick dusting with a cloth or Swiffer sheet. There are many cleaning products on the market that are safe to use on glass, so we don’t always have to use soap or a cleaning product to wipe down our glass vases and candle holders. Choose the best way to get going. You should get at least one of the examples above if you don’t already have one.

We all need a simple towel or soft sponge to clean or maintain our clear glass vases. Most of the time, it’s fine to use force to get stains out of our clear glass vases, but please be careful. Remember that the thickness of the glass vases we sell varies and that if you don’t handle them carefully, they can break. Hand-blown glass vases can have bubbles and other flaws, so you should be careful with them. If you don’t, the bubbles could pop.

DOs and DON’Ts of coloured glass vases

At Vase Market, you can find both opaque and clear glass vases. Our colourful glass vases, like the Lake Blue Glass Square Bud Vases, the Pale Amber Glass Square Bud Vases, and the Geometric Red Glass Vases, have been painted with spray paint. These spray-painted vases are fragile. To clean them, wipe them down with a dry (or slightly damp) towel. Never put them in water.

We also have many kinds of vases, like retro-style vases in a rainbow of colours, sleek black or white glass cylinders, square vases that look like the Eiffel Tower, trumpet vases, and even vases that are the colour amber. Most of these coloured glass vases and candle holders can be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand, just like our clear glass vases and candle holders.

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