How to hire a resume writer and not get scammed

When I dissected his resume, I knew immediately that the clever design would never make it through the applicant tracking system. (Read my last Forbes post: Are Employers Ignoring Your Resume? 5 Mistakes to Avoid.) I also noticed another cardinal sin.

The company used an outdated template, didn’t disclose her accomplishments, and probably had little business or industry knowledge. Sarah said the salesperson spoke with her for 30 minutes, took notes and passed them on to the author.

She never spoke to the author. I told her that a good resume writer spends a few hours with you to uncover your experience and ask probing questions. To all this, she said: “indeed, I felt quite doubtful. I think you truly receive whatever would be reasonable.”

Another potential client, Dave, showed me his resume, which he had paid $400 for. It was creative and fancy looking but would mostly all disappear in ATS.

It also lacked specific details about how he excelled in his previous roles. He said he had just spoken to a salesperson and only spent 20 minutes talking to the author, who seemed very young.

Two weeks later, the retake arrived. He failed to get any calls-hence call from me.

Buyer beware!

COVID-19 has brought resume writers out in full force. Some lack employment experience. Many people know very little about ATS. Others know nothing at all.

Often they just have good writing skills. They could be someone who did a little hiring, seeing the flood of unemployed and rushing to say: “yes, I can do that.”

Others may be able to create fancy, creative-looking designs, but that’s all, what they are designing, not resumed. Inefficient but beautiful.

I went to a few advertised resume writing help websites, and one had started in March. (First clue!). Their website says the right things.

It announced: “our team of career experts and Fortune 500 recruiters put together Resume Examples for 250+ job titles that will impress hiring managers and pass ATS scans.” They showed examples of their work. Upon close inspection, they made these mistakes:

  • Not ATS friendly
  • No keywords
  • Used coloured ink and a lot of shading
  • Had tables, columns, text boxes
  • Used headers and footers

Guidelines to follow before placing your money

Many people will hire someone to help them create an effective resume. Some talented individuals know how to create a resume and get the attention of employers.

Understandably, you may lack the ability to create a great resume on your own. And asking your manager for help isn’t often helpful unless the person is in HR doing the company’s recruiting.

Knowing how to write a resume is very different from just going through many. First, the professional writer must have strong knowledge of many careers and the job duties required in each role. It requires wordsmithing skills and personal branding ability.

Most importantly, it requires the writer to understand how the ATS works and the knowledge to know what keywords to add.

I have been a career counsellor and resume writer for twenty-five years. I have written 5,000 resumes in my career, and I spend less than 3 hours talking to the client to create each resume.

I would never hire anyone I didn’t speak to directly to discuss this project before agreeing to pay them to write for you. I also recommend using these guidelines to help you make the right decision about who to hire.

Years of experience: You don’t want a newbie. How long have they been writing CVs? Look for someone who has been doing resume writing for less than five years. Ask how many people they have helped. Some offer samples; see them above.

Pricing: Resume writing comes in all price points, but the final product’s effectiveness is critical. Discounted services are unlikely to deliver. I researched several resume writers with excellent qualifications to determine their prices for creating a resume for professionals, executives, and managers.

Statements: The author should have more testimonials from happy customers on their website. Also, look at their LinkedIn profile to see if people approved the SKILLS SECTION for resume writing.

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