How To Get Rid Of An Old Car For Cash In Melbourne?

Getting rid of an old car is no longer a big deal in Melbourne. Many companies deal in old cars and take away from your location without charging a penny. Moreover, you can also get money for your junk cars by just booking an appointment.

Is your old car no longer in use? Do you want to get rid of your old car? What can you get for your car? Can an old car give you cash?

All your questions will be answered in this article. Stay tuned to find all the answers and get the best price for your car.

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Ways to get rid of the car

Various ways to get rid of an old car for cash in Melbourne are shared below.

  1. Selling

You can sell your car for money. The old car has its unique look and these are still in demand. You can simply renovate and repair your old car and sell it for a good price. Sue social media or other automobile agencies for selling the cars. It is a good technique to make money as well as get rid of the car.

  1. Scrapping

If your car has completed its life and is no longer useful then scrapping is a good option. Some companies also deal in old wasteful and useless cars. Just book an appointment and get the best quotes for your old car. One of the most reliable companies is Car Removal Melbourne. They deal in old cars. You can get a free quote from them by sharing pictures of your car.

They will pick up the car from your house and pay you the instant payment at the same spot. No extra charges for the removal of the car are required. The services are available in Melbourne. The company gives you the best price in the area even if the car is no longer running.

  1. Sell parts

If you are no longer interested in selling your car or want any other option then, sell the spare parts of your car. The parts of the old car if functioning properly can even pay you a good amount of money. You can find the best rates by selling them to a trustworthy broker. Try to find a reliable person in this regard who can pay you a good amount for your car parts.


Car Removal Melbourne is a famous company that deals in junk cars and helps you get the best price for them. The old cars are all that they need. Just send the images for your old damaged, unwanted, and useless car and they will give you a quote. Once you accept the quote, they will reach your location to pick up the car and instantly pay for the money for the car.

We hope you can get rid of this old car and save a good amount of money. Moreover, you can trade it for a new car, sell the spare parts, or sell the car to another friend who wants it.