How to find your Pubg Mobile bit Version

There are basically two types of Pubg Mobile bit versions available for android devices. Which only make difference on the basis of your android version.

Before android 10 there was only one type of game version normally 32bit . All android games and application were built using same architecture.

Android 10+ Devices 64bit

All mobile phones having android 10 will have Pubg Mobile 64 bit version if downloaded from the play store. Many of game and apps comes in 64/32bit but Pubg Mobile in android are basically 64bit game if downloaded from official Play Store.

Android 4+ Device 32 Bit

If your Android phone have android 4 or lower than android then your default installation of Pubg Mobile from Play Store will be Pubg Mobile 32bit. You must having android device lower than Android 10 get 32 bit Pubg Mobile .

Can we use 64bit Pubg on Android

If you want to try Pubg Mobile 64 bit you have to transfer that version of Pubg Mobile using sharing app to transfer 64 bit Pubg APK and obb also to enjoy 64 bit pubg on android 4+.

How to use 32 bit Pubg Mobile on android 10:

There is a simple solution to use Pubg mobile 32 bit on 64-bit devices like android 10 or higher first you have to download Pubg 32bit apk + obb from the internet or you can also do sharing from your friends who have pubg 32bit version.

Pubg Mobile Obb Location

If you still having issue to find Pubg Mobile Obb location like if you don’t know where to paste pubg Mobile 32bit obb if you have sent from one mobile to other. Basically Pubg Mobile obb location is as :

Android /obb/com.tencent.igg

Common Errors while Pasting Obb file

Most error while installing Pubg Mobile 32bit on android 10 can be

If you are have replaced obb file but still facing error like downloading obb file which is basically due to misplaced obb to wrong location or you have placed wrong version of obb file. You must be sure that you are using the current version of obb file .

Other most common error is using Pubg Mobile 32 bit apk or application and using Pubg Mobile 64bit obb . As previously mentioned you must use obb and apk both same version if different it will start downloading obb for the current version of Pubg Mobile applicaton.