How to choose the best toothbrush? Understand Here!

Today we are going to talk about how to choose the best toothbrush! And why should we talk about it?

Well, according to the most recent survey on the oral health of Brazilians, carried out by the IBGE, of the 162 million Brazilians over 18 years of age, about 34 million have lost 13 teeth or more and 14 million have lost all their teeth.

In other words, many Brazilians still do not have the necessary care for their oral health.

That’s why it’s so important to talk about how to choose the best toothbrush!

Because this is one of the most important parts of our oral health .

So stay with us and check out the following topics:

  • After all, how to choose the best toothbrush?
  • What types of toothbrush are there?
  • Is there a toothbrush for every age?
  • Health benefits generated by using a proper toothbrush

Let’s start?

After all, how to choose the best toothbrush?

Although there are several models of toothbrushes, some are more suitable than others.

For the standard case, common people, the best brushes are those that:

They have small, round heads

The ideal in brushing is that the brush reaches two teeth at a time, allowing adequate cleaning.

Also, all parts of the mouth must be reached, including the back teeth.

A brush with a small, Hoverboard for sal round head makes these two situations possible!

They have soft bristles

The bristles are the part of the brush that “sweeps”, that is, they are those little threads that come in contact with the teeth.

It is more interesting for our deductible health that they are soft so that they can conform to the shapes of the teeth and “enter” the holes that need to be cleaned.

A “hard” brush does not bend and does not clean certain places. In addition to the possibility of hurting the most sensitive areas of the mouth.

They have an ergonomic handle, making it easier to hold.

Holding the brush securely and firmly is important, so choose a handle that allows this.

What types of toothbrush are there?

According to the blog Sorrilogia , a specialist in oral health, there are four types of toothbrushes, check them out:

Manual Brush

This is the common brush, the one we all have!

Battery-operated or electric brush

Battery-operated or electric brushes are those that vibrate and perform movements that replace the movements performed by us with manual brushes.

The more modern, the more functions. Some are even equipped with a gum massager, no?

As a rule, these brushes are suggested for people who have difficulties in carrying out the necessary movements for brushing, such as the physically handicapped and the elderly.

Orthodontic brush

This is the brush indicated for those who use fixed braces. It has a “v” shape, allowing for a more adequate cleaning.

Interdental Brush

The interdental brush is indicated by a specialist when the patient has some peculiarity in their dental arcade, illness or is recovering from surgery, for example.

It has a totally different shape from the common ones, looking like a drill.

The interdental brush must not be used without the supervision of a dentist!

Is there a toothbrush for every age?

No! As a rule, the most suitable brushes are manual ones. For those who use fixed appliances, Orthodontics. On the other hand, people who have difficulty moving, the electric ones. And finally, Interdentals for special cases under the supervision of a dentist.

Health benefits generated by using a proper toothbrush

Now that you know how to choose the best toothbrush, how about we talk about the benefits of up- to- date oral health ?

The main benefits of an up-to-date oral health is that our teeth will have a longer lifespan, we will avoid cavities, pain and expensive procedures with the dentist.

But besides that, we’ve all heard that our smile is our calling card, right?

And that’s true, since a healthy and beautiful smile makes us and others feel good!

Increased self-esteem, easier smile and better relationship with people are just some of the benefits.

So take care of your oral health and be happier!