How To Convert Exe To APK File on PC 2021

In this modern era, the Mobile phone is competing with the latest Computers. So, people started replacing their heavy machines with small and portable computers. Most of the users on the internet are looking for how to convert Exe to APK online so that later they can easily use any PC app on mobile. As we know to use the Windows Exe application on Mobile its format must be according to their operating system otherwise it will not work.

So, in order to convert your exe files to APK, it’s very ambiguous now you will ask why because applications built for Computer systems are different from the mobile version. But there are few applications that make our work simple in order to convert EXE files to APK.

It’s so simple with help of few tools. You can easily use any PC application on your android phone. As PC has high-end parts like the best GPUS and processors in order to run high apps on your android you must have a mobile phone with the latest processor.

What are EXE and APK files?

In normally these are just a combination of three words but in Computer, they have a deep background on the basis of their development and design phases.

As normally computer-executable file formats are normally .exe. While in android to install any application its file format must be.

APK otherwise you will not be able to install it. So here matter rises that how to converting exe to APK while these both are for two different platforms.

How Converting EXE to APK works

In order to convert your Windows application to android, there is a simple tool that can easily convert your desired application to android executable format. As the field has not yet been fully investigated the EXE to APK converter tool is a rare tool available on PC which provides such type of conversion.

How to chnage EXE to APK on Computer

As already mentioned, if you have a computer system then you can easily convert exe files to APK and after that conversion, you can install converted exe files on android.

convert exe to apk
convert exe to apk

Prerequires to Convert EXE file to APK

  • A computer running the latest version of Windows7/8 or 10.
  • An Android smartphone running version jellybeans 4.4 or above.
  • The pc application/software or game .exe you want to run in your android smartphone. You need to make sure the file is located in your disk.
  • This EXE to APK converting tool.
  • A good speed internet connection.

Steps to convert Exe to APK using PC. 

free app to convert app to apk
free app to convert the app to apk

First, Download ExetoAPK. In order to start the process, you must have to install an APK convertor software.

Unzip the package and navigate to its folder after obtaining the applications. The file named “EXE to APK Converter Tools” was used for several files inside the folder.

To start an installation, double click on the file then click on “Execute.” Wait till the tool is fully installed and start on your Computer System.

Now, go to the exe file you want to convert EXE to APK, click on the “Browse” option. Load your.exe file using the dialogue box, opening the software by finding the file’s place on your hard drives.

Select the Destination for the output APK file.

Now it’s the last step just to Start/Rebuild your android APK. Depending on your file size, it takes a few seconds/minutes to load. Wait till you fully load the.exe file with “Complete Loading” pop-up confirmation. The “Convert/Rebuild” button is enabled or clicked after this loading procedure.

Sit back, relax and be patient till the transformation is effective.

Now wait few minutes and allow the system to convert EXE to APK file for your android phone.

This PC application has now been converted to an APK file that can be installed and used on Android smartphones. Now your.apk file is available, just copy and install it using an installer package,

Which converted APK file to Android. Hope that you don’t have a problem with the APK file converted and the output result will be in APK format.

Using the Dox Box App

In order to get the AFreeBox started, you need to run it and enter “cd\folder name” in the command line. When a folder opens up, type out any app’s executable file name on that computer by typing “.exe”. It is important for this device to be 100% compliant with all of our requirements if you want everything to work correctly.

easily convert exe to apk file
easily convert exe to apk file

In order for your phone or tablet to run an Android operating system (AOS) – specifically an AFreebox-compliant version thereof so that apps can function appropriately without requiring Google Play Services nor other services from a third-party provider due primarily because they are incompatible with standards set forth by various mobile networks across Europe and North America.

Convert APK to EXE on android

An APK to EXE convertor is very complicated for now but can use the android application on PC by using Google Chrome or an android emulator on your computer.

Directly it requires lots of conversion of java which is used in backend and XML for frontend and we know android and computer systems both have different Graphical interfaces so it’s too difficult for a Computer system to follow android commands. It does not mean that it’s impossible.

You may make it easier to convert EXE to APK by the preceding procedures and using tools to convert this executable file. On the other side, you may install emulators like Bluestacks if you want to run Android apps on your PC.

Right now we have not found any online domain which will help indirect conversion of EXE to APK without the requirement of PC. As we know to convert EXE to APK online is a very difficult job. As we found a site that will convert APK to EXE online we will share it.

Is it Safe to convert EXE to APK

Converting the EXE application to the android executable version is normally safe but it depends on the application you want to convert for the android mobile phone. If you convert an application that contains a virus will lead to a malicious Android APK format file.

Sure, you can use any android apps on windows there are different methods to use APK on windows. First, you can use any third-party app like an emulator to run APK on Computer. But if you want to directly install APK on your computer then you must have to install Android OS on your computer.

The Final Takedown

If you’ve been looking for a tool to convert your exe files into apk, then we have the perfect solution. In this article, I will discuss an excellent converter that can create and extract any file format of Android APKs from various versions.

In addition to converting single executables files into APK archives or packages (.apks), it also supports conversion between almost all other popular formats such as .zip, CAB, etc.

Using either drag-and-drop functionality or by loading them manually via the “Open File…” dialog box. It is capable enough in extracting both contents of the zip package and its metadata along with unpackaging one executable(exe files).

If you still have any issues just comment below so we can resolve your issue.

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