How to Clean Graphics Card inner dirt without any Damage

(Last Updated On: June 23, 2022)

Dust collecting on your computer can give it a nasty look or performance, but dust also affects the performance of your computer or mining rig if you are mining. Its necessory to clean graphics card.

Properly cleaning your graphics card is vital to not worry about performance issues. The question arises about how to clean the GPU heatsink without any problem.

Why to clean your PC or mining rig Graphics card

how to clean gpu
How to clean gpu easily

Cleaning your PC’s graphics card will go a long way in keeping it fully functional and reliable. If you are going to be an avid gamer, you already know the importance of investing time into maintaining these expensive Graphics cards hardware.

GPU Clean Guide with no experience

Cleaning your graphics card is very important to ensure that the unit parts work in optimal conditions and deliver the best possible performance. 

One way to keep your car cleaned is by using a vacuum cleaner to suck up any dust from between its components.

But beware of using compressed air as it could damage the card or liquefied air which might not be cold enough for dust removal.

Vacuum cleaners with soft brushes are designed specifically for this task, but you can also use eyeglasses cleaning cloths if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner handy.

You can also use Windex, a professional liquid, to clean your graphics card from dust and make GPU as clean as new.

 Be especially careful anywhere you find fans since they tend to collect dust easily, and above all else, don’t unplug your PC before cleaning it.

Why is it important to keep your PC graphic card clean?

clean PC graphics card clean
clean PC graphics card clean

If you don’t regularly clean your PC, it may slow down over time. Then one day, your machine suddenly shuts down when you use it.

Maybe you have decided that your computer or GPU(Graphics card) has been making an unusual amount of noise lately, or perhaps it just seems to be taking longer than usual for programs to load (or open).

The result of a clean PC is that it will have lower readings on the temperature. Low temperatures also decrease the life of your computer parts and prolong their lifespan.

They can also offer you better visual experiences in games, movies, or other types of media playback and more incredible speed for those same purposes.

The Important and Must have tools and Best Practices While Cleaning the Graphics Card.

If you want to clean your GPU, then you must have the following tools to clean your GPU:

  • screwdriver has a magnetic tip, which makes it easier to gather fallen screws.
  • Verilux® 2L Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer and Heater only for Liquid Cleaning.
  • Compressed air canister or Windex for liquid cleaning. A medium-sized paintbrush, on the other hand, will suffice. If neither of these two items is available, you can clean it with a cotton swab. Use it very sparingly in the latter scenario.
  • In the event of stubborn residues on the surface of your graphics card, lint-free cloth and isopropyl alcohol are helpful.
  • Thermal paste is required only on vintage models with dried paste.
  • Circlip pliers make it easier to disassemble the fan cord on models that allow complete disassembly.
  • A soft brush helps remove bigger dust particles.

Protection steps before Cleaning GPU

Before cleaning graphics cards, we recommend having gloves to protect your hands and a mask for face protection.

Step to Clean your GPU

To start cleaning your dusty graphics card, first, you must choose which method you prefer to wash your card. If you decide on compressed air, there is no use in buying Windex. 

But if you would like to use Windex, you can use an air canister to dry your graphics card. If it is your first time cleaning the card, you will face problems removing the graphics card.

Turn off Computer or Mining Rig

Before cleaning any computer part, unplug it from the electrical outlet. Ensure that there is no charge left inside by clicking on the On/Off button several times.

Sometimes, fans will still be spinning for a few seconds if this occurs – in this case, wait for them to stop to avoid shock.

Safety from GPU dust

To avoid dust, wearing a surgical mask is the best way to protect yourself. If you can’t get it on, get your PC moved to somewhere with good ventilation. Otherwise, carry a spare and wear it when working on or around your PC.

Open Computer Case

First, uncover/remove the computer case with the help of a screwdriver. If there is no screw in your computer, open the case.

After opening the case, remove the GPU screw, which helps to hold it firm. Before removing the screw, you can also the upper area of the GPU with a paintbrush.

Remove the latch to Unlock the Graphics card.

Now it’s time to remove your graphics card. The latest models have a lever you need to push down or move left, right, forward, and backward for the card to release from its socket. Older cards will only require a firm grip on them and pulling with care towards yourself.

Please, check the instructions manual if you are unsure about the release mechanism.

Clean Screws after removing from fan

Now, clean your graphics card by removing the dust with a paintbrush. If your graphics card allows it, remove screws that hold the fan to the heatsink. Then unplug the fan’s power cord using pliers if needed as it may be tricky to reach.

Use cotton swabs to clean the heatsink.

Clean the heat sink of your graphics card with a can of compressed air. Be sure not to spray into the base. Otherwise, it will cause more harm than good.

To ensure that you have removed all dirt and dust from one side of your heatsink properly, use short two-second blasts to clean away insulation on that side before moving on to another section.

Removing the heatsink properly.

It would be best to replace dried thermal paste only after removing old residues with Windex Liquid or Isopropyl alcohol.

Because most GPU manufacturers glue the head sink material directly to the GPU, please don’t remove it by force. The heatsink should not be forcefully removed to avoid damaging the GPU and other chips attached to it.

How to easily clean off remove thermal paste Glue

Clean off remove thermal paste Glue
Clean off remove thermal paste Glue

You can check if the heatsink is not firmly attached. There may be a good chance that the heatsink is not glued to the card, and it can quickly come off with a lever.

Make sure you read your instruction manual before performing this task. If possible, find some more screws for easy access, which will make things much easier for you because of their size dimension.

Clean Graphics Card Completely

With your paintbrush, clean up all of the parts. If there’ll some dirt or dust left over, use a cotton swab to remove it. To fully evaporate any remaining Windex Liquid or alcohol in the swab, let it sit out for a few minutes before using it on a different item.

Heat graphics card to remove any Liquid

After a complete cleaning, you can heat your graphics card with your air blower or dryer to make it dry. Or you can simply place somewhere where solar heat is available, which helps remove any liquid that exists.

Cleaning Graphics card with Water Windex Liquid only

How to Clean a Graphics Card
How to Clean a Graphics Card

We will clean the Graphics card with the help of ultrasonic cleaner and Windex liquid cooling. Most people think liquid will make GPU rusty, but no, we have tested with cleaning GPU 1070 or GPU risers with liquid.

To use CO-Z 10L Ultrasonic Cleaner, first set the temperature to 40 degrees. You can also set minutes for how much time you want to leave your GPU for dust cleaning.

By removing GPU screws with help of screw driver and then you can put your grpchics card in liquid after sucessfull time interval, it will automatically stop.

Recommended time interval is about 10 minutes which is quite enough to clean your graphics card from dusty materials and clean GPU Fans. If you wish to replace GPU fans, you could easily replace them after removing screws with the help of screwdrivers. 

Cleaning GPU card

Note: We do not recommend using ordinary water for cleaning graphics cards. Please do your research.


After all this cleaning, make sure that your graphics card is working correctly by turning on the computer briefly without closing the side panel.

After how much time should I clean Graphics Card (GPU)

It is recommended to clean your graphics card after every six months. It will give you the best performance and allow for an optimal gaming experience or more Hashrate.

Is it necessary to replace the Graphics card if got dirt

No, it is not necessary to replace your graphics card. If it works, most people return GPU when it slows or its hash rate decreases. Cleaning the graphics card is essential to fix the inadequate response and performance issue.

Can we Clean the motherboard with Windex? 

Yes, you can clean your Mobo with Windex liquid made for cleaning electrical and mechanical products.

What to do with the old dusty graphics card

If you have an old dirty GPU card, you can reuse it by cleaning the card with isopropyl alcohol and replacing thermal paste to reduce Graphics card temperature.