How To Buy Bitcoin in Pakistan From Binance 2021

Hope you are looking for how to buy bitcoin in Pakistan after how to verify binance account or any other cryptocurrency from Pakistan or any other country. Here you get all the necessary information related to how to buy bitcoin with your bank card.

What is Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a decentralized blockchain system. Bitcoin was launched in 2009, Bitcoin can also be bought infraction, not like another fiat currency It can be created, distributed can be also stored and sold.

How To Buy Crypto With Credit Card in Pakistan

how to buy bitcoin in Pakistan
how to buy bitcoin in Pakistan

You can purchase any cryptocurrency in Pakistan with help of P2P using your Bank Card.

In Pakistan main issue in Binance or any other exchange is their Master Card acceptance issue. If you have a Pakistan Bank account then you cannot buy any cryptocurrency with your bank account or card.

But if you are still looking to buy Crypto in Pakistan then you can use the P2P method to buy crypto in Pakistan. Having the same name in Binance and the same name on your bank account.

What is a Crypto currency

Basically, there are different types of cryptocurrency available to buy in digital currency. But most people are looking for some of these currencies to buy

  • Bitcoin
  • BNB
  • Etherium
  • Cardano(ADA)
  • Ripple(XRP)

Above currency and are the most paid but if are looking to buy some budget and stable cryptocurrency then you must look for these below.

  • Doge
  • Reef
  • BTT
  • Shib

Here our main focus is only on how to buy bitcoin in Pakistan. Before buying cryptocurrency you must have an exchange account if you want to create a crypto account in Pakistan then we recommend Binance Exchange.

How to create Binance Account in Pakistan

To create a Binance account first Click Here. Here fill the form and enter required data like your name country and email etc. Binance will also require your mobile phone number in order to verify your Binance account.

how to buy bitcoin in Pakistan
How To Buy Bitcoin in Pakistan From Binance 2021 1

When your Binance account is created then you must have to verify your Binance account to verify Binance you have to use your CNIC or passport for verification. It may also require face verification.

create or login your binance account
create or login your binance account

How to Buy crypto using P2P in Pakistan

To buy cryptocurrency using the Peer to Peer method. You must have a bank account with the same name on which your Binance account is created. Then open the P2P section to buy USDT coin. There you will see the different rate of the different seller selling USDT.

how to buy btc in pakistan
how to buy btc in pakistan

Select offer according to your own wish then pay with a bank account that you have and send a screenshot to the seller. Then the seller will release the payment as he receives payment in his bank account.

What if send payment from a third party account in Binance

If you are trading in P2P then you must avoid sending payment from a third-party account basically it is not allowed in Binance to send payment from a third party. You must use your own account. Sometime seller may not release payment from their side then you can ask for a refund and send again from your account.

Is Buying Bitcoin Legal in Pakistan

Buying cryptocurrency was a ban in Pakistan a few years before you might be get caught by FIA if you buy any cryptocurrency but you can easily buy and sell cryptocurrency in Pakistan with help of P2P.

How to Verify Binance account in Pakistan

Verification of Binance account can be done by the following methods. First, if you have a passport then it would be too easy to easily verify your Binance account without any issue. Like most of Pakistani do not have passport they only had CNIC or national ID card which is also supported by Binance to verify your account.

How to Buying Bitcoin Legal in Pakistan

As you can buy bitcoin in Pakistan you can also sell Bitcoin in Pakistan with help of P2P using Binance exchange. First, you have a minimum of 100$ to sell in P2P.

If you have 100$ in a spot then you have to transfer that balance to P2P after transfer you can set the selling price for your amount according to your wish.

Normally most of the seller in Binance sell USDT at higher rate with difference of 10$.

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