Best PUBG Mobile players in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: November 23, 2022)

The year 2022 has been an extraordinary year for PUBG Mobile players and the most played and interesting multiplayer game. This game won over a billion in revenue as it has in purchases.

This is the second most downloaded game that 2022 will have. Two PUBG mobile events in Mobile Qualifiers have reached a 1 million peak viewership this year.

Let’s have a look at the most popular PUBG Mobile players in the year 2022-2023.

Pubg Mobile is most widely played in Pakistan and now it has held a standard of earning in our community. PUBG Mobile has played a heavy role in promoting Gaming in Pakistan.

Top PUBG Players in Pakistan

First, let’s discuss the Pakistani Gaming Community and after that we will go upon the Top and best Pubg Mobile Players in Pakistan. According to our team’s opinion, it’s too difficult to create any list like top 10 PUBG Mobile players in Pakistan.

So we decided to create list in which we will discuss some of the best Pubg Mobile Players in Pakistan so that they can be easily identified on all over the internet.

If we say that in total its too difficult to write and discuss about each and every player in the Pakistani Gaming Community. There is no No 1 player of PUBG Mobile in our view we consider each and every play to be the top Pubg Mobile Plater in Pakistan.

As gradually and slowly the Pakistani Gaming Community is being developed you can easily find many Pubg Mobile Pro Players in your surroundings. While if you still want to have a list to have top Pakistani Pubg Mobile Players on one page so we will try and examine them and will create another article about them.

Quite recently, a few Pakistani PUBG players have been participating in the official PUBG mobile league. The PUBG contests grow wider and broader each day, and Pakistani players have not contained themselves.

Esports organizations are working very efficiently for recruiting players from the region. PUBG Mobile, as you know, is especially fast growing in Asia. It was launched in 2018 and now has nearly 800 million users.

The fifth most-played game in the world is PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile receives about 1.5 billion dollars this year (2020).

Top PUBG Player in Pakistan

PUBG is without a doubt one of the most loved games in the gaming world. It is a big success in the gaming world because of its competitive player base and streamers and has more than 100 million downloads.

There are many regional and domestic PUBG tournaments that have a lot of players excited. If you ask who will be the top PUBG player in Pakistan, read it continuously.

If we talk about the Best Pubg Mobile player according to their subscriber so we will definitely be wrong because most of Pubg Mobile joined YouTube later so they will have less amount of subscribers than other Top Pubg Mobile Players like Start Anonymous and Ducky Extra ( Saad Rehman) having more than One Million Subscribers on the YouTube.

The No. 1 PUBG player in Pakistan is Star Anonymous according to his subscribers and his gameplay. He has over 1.62 M subscribers to his YouTube channel and is one of the most popular players in Pakistan.

Star Anonymous is actually named Mubeen, and he lives in Rawalpindi. In 2017, he started his YouTube channel. He’s not a crew member. He’s Star, and he’s the Star Clan’s chief.

Star Anonymous

Star Anonymous is one of the most famous PUBG players across the gaming community in Pakistan. He has his own YouTube channel and has over 1.62 M subscribers to his channel. He started his YouTube channel in the year 2017 and has a huge fan base for his channel.

His YouTube videos are highly informative concerning PUBG, and he also offers a lot of tips to his followers. His strategies are mind-blowing, and this undoubtedly makes him the best PUBG player in Pakistan. 

Device: Ipad Pro

Youtube Channel Link: Star Annonymous


Predator is one of the professional PUBG players in Pakistan and has participated in various PUBG mobile leagues. He is a competitive player, and he goes by the name Zubair Khan in real life. He lives in Peshawar. He too owns a YouTube channel and has around 470k subscribers to his channel. He is a part of a clan called Fyme and is also the leader of the said clan. 

Device: Iphone

Youtube Channel Link : Predator


His Clan Name is Icy . He is alos the clan leader . Diaz is one of the most well-liked player on tiktok due to his impressive gameplay and also being called the god of peak in the Pakistani gaming community and internationally. due to his impressive peeking skills during an intense fight.

Device: Ipad

YouTube Channel Link: ICY Diaz

X Muqadar:

We currently don’t know too much about this player we will update this soon as get more information about this player. Being good pubg mobile players and many request from users and also watching his gameplay videos so we decided to add him in list to promote and support him .

Device: iPhone

Youtube Subscribers : 3K

Channel Link: X Muqadar Gaming


Muhammad Samak known as HS Samak belong to middle family and started his gaming carrier from overseas and now is playing Pubg Mobile from his own home and also belongs to KPK (Pushtoon). Recently he has made his own BootCamp (Gaming room ) .

He is also famous for his gaming ability and skills and also famous from Tiktok He started his gaming carrier in 2019 and due to his hardwork  He is known to be the best pubg mobile player to reach top middle east lobby in each Season and rule on Middle East Player as King.

Youtube Subscribers : 127K

Device: Ipad Pro

YouTube Channel Link: HS SAMAK

Ahmad Op:

Ahmad Op is also known as the legend Ahmad, and he lives in Lahore. He owns a YouTube channel that has over 300k subscribers to it. He started his YouTube channel in 2018 and has been a successful player ever since. His real name is Ahmad Rana and is a member of a famous clan called Legend Clan. 

Device: iPad Pro

YouTube Subscribers: 127 K

YouTube Channel Link: Ahmad OP

Legend Sam:

Legend Sam is the 3rd most famous Pakistani PUBG Mobile Player. He is the 1st person who started uploading PUBG Videos on TikTok. His real name is Sam Malik. He plays PUBG Mobile on iPhone 12 Pro Max. He lives in Islamabad.

He started his Youtube channel in 2018, and he has around 145k subscribers on Youtube. Legend Clan is the famous PUBG Mobile clan of Pakistan. Legend Sam is the Leader of Legend Clan. Legend Clan is One of the Best Clans in Pakistan & it’s a very well-known clan in Pakistan.

Device: iPhone

YouTube Channel Link: Legend SAM

47 Khalifa

47 Khalifa ( Osama Qayyum is his name in real life ) ,  is known for his sniping skills known as Trick shot SEO on TikTok due to his impressive snipping skills can be undoubtedly one of the top PUBG players in Pakistan.

He also has a YouTube channel and has over 200k subscribers to it and he is also the leader of 47 clans. His skills and abilities make him one of the best Pakistani PUBG players. 

Device: iPhone

YouTube Channel Link: 47 Khailfa

Cute Panda

Cute Panda is one of the tiniest famous PUBG TikTokers and YouTubers. He is mostly famous for his cute and naughty act in Pubg Mobile Gameplay. He lives in Karachi and gained fame from TikTok. He has over 300k subscribers and is the leader of 2nd Roar Clan. 

Device: iPad

YouTube Channel Link: Cute Panda

Mr Jay Plays

He is one of the professional PUBG players in Pakistan and is currently in London, United Kingdom. He began his YouTube channel in 2012 and had a lot of subscribers to his channel.

He has his own clan called Raptor which is very famous in Pakistan. Jahanzaib is his name in real life. He got about 343K Youtube subscribers.

Device: PC Emulator Player

YouTube Channel Link: MR JAY PLAYS

Solo King

Solo King’s real name is Jawad Ali and is undoubtedly one rich pubg mobile players in PUBG. He has the Best PUBG Mobile inventory in Pakistan. He has a youtube Family of 288K .

Apart from YouTube, he is also famous on TikTok. He is a part of a clan called SOLOGAMING and is also the leader of the said clan. 

Device: Iphone

YouTube Channel Link: Solo King

Doctor Pikachu

Doctor Pikachu is one of the best PUBG players in Pakistan and has over 265k subscribers to her YouTube channel. She is a part of a clan called Doctorz clan and is also the leader of this clan. Syeda Mariyam is her real name. She plays PUBG Mobile on iPhone 8 Plus.. She is the most famous girl PUBG player from Pakistan.

Device: Iphone

YouTube Channel Link: Doctor Pikachu


He is one of the most famous PUBG players in Pakistan mostly know for squad rekts and also for his best gameplay content on content and has over 222k subscribers to his YouTube channel. 

Device : iPhone

YouTube Channel Link: KALFAN

SP Joker

SP Joker’s real name is Malik Ahmad, and he lives in Sargodha.Sp Joker and their Clan is also famous for winning crew challenge. He has over 205K subscribers for his channel and uploads gameplay videos. He is the Leader of SP Esports.

YouTube Channel Link: SP JOKER

Soon we will also add some more players like

  • GUJJAR 365
  • NIAZI 302
  • Qadeer Gaming
  • Many more