7 Best iOS Emulator for Android 2021

Are you a lover of the iPhone and have no access to the iPhone but you still want to try if Yes, then this solution is for you to try the best iOS emulator for android? Beyond this also many reasons to you try an iOS emulator. Which may be to try or test your iOS apps on an android phone. Furthermore, it does not require that you must have a rooted device.

If you are an iPhone lover and you have an android phone and want to try the iOS application on android and also getting iPhone for everyone is possible. So, we just some 7 Best iOS emulators for android phones to try.

Note: If you are looking for the best iOS emulator for android in the Play store you will find any official application that you must download from a third-party site or website. As the iOS emulator is not an official application there might be a high risk of installing the third-party app on your device. Which my contain infected code and on installation these app on your best phone may install successfully without any malicious code.

Why you should use iOS Emulator

As most of the new applications are launched first for Apple which may take little time to release on the android phones So, it’s a good choice to try the iOS applications on android instead of buying the iPhone application.

More there any many application which is only available on App Store only if you wants to try and use before it releases in android you must use any best iOS emulator for android.

Why is it best choice to use Android:

According to most of the user’s opinion android have limitless features to try at their affordable cost where iPhone user has limited features. As the android phone has the freedom to do any customization or changes with your phone which is not possible in any iPhone.

We will not be responsible if any kind of damage occurred while using these third party APK.

Here is the list of best iOS Emulator for Android to try

  1. iEMU Emulator
  2. Cider Emulator
  3. Appetize iOS Emulator
  4. IOSEMUS Emulator
  5. Smart Face Emulator
  6. iPadian
  7. iOS Launcher

iEMU Emulator

Screenshot 2021 05 11 at 12.51.35 PM
iOS Emulator for Android

The iEMU is the best iOS emulator for android. It’s also known as Padroid. You will surely like this because this emulator contains a vast number of iOS applications and games for android. In the iEMU emulator, you will have most of the recent modified iOS apps and games. iEMU emulator is a lightweight iOS emulator and can easily run on most devices it will occupy much storage on your android phone. Once you download iOS apps on your android you will have the same look as on iPhone.

This emulator does not have too many requirements its minimal is just 2GB Ram which almost every android device has.

One of the main reasons for its popularity is that iEMU emulator is open source you can easily make changes according to your preference but before that, you must have good programming knowledge. But iEMU is mostly developed by professional developers if any bug or issue occurred that is to be expected.


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Cider Emulator

best iOS Emulator for Android 2021
best iOS Emulator for Android

We can say according to our result and test that Cider Emulator is the best iOS emulator for android to use. It is the most efficient android iOS emulator to run an iOS application on android.

Cider iOS emulator is almost likely. The Cider iOS emulator gives the about same feel as iOS application and games on your android phone. You can easily play iOS games on an android smartphone.

There is only one reason on which we can say it’s not the best iOS emulator because it’s not compatible on all devices. If you have the latest android device then you don’t have to worry just install apk and enjoy all iOS applications on android.

You can download Cider Emulator from given link.

Download Emulator:

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Appetize iOS Emulator

best iOS Emulator for Android 2021
Best iOS Emulator for Android

Appetize is one of the best web-based iOS Emulators for android which does not require any android phone. It is basically requirements are only web browser you can use any Chrome Browser or any of your wish to run iOS apps. Appetize emulator is the best choice for a few applications to tested because it does not support each type of iOS apps. The main of its reason is it run an iOS application of HTML and JavaScript so you might have all functionality that is on an iOS device.

There is also another solution to this problem you can use someone other iPhone or iPad to try the iOS application. You can also use PC emulators to run the iOS applications is possible if you also do not have a PC or laptop then this would be the best choice to test and run an iOS application on an Android Mobile Phone.

Want to give iOS emulator try check below link


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IOSEMUS Emulator

 Android emulator for iOS app
Android emulator for iOS app

Having all the required features that are necessarily required to run the iOS app makes iOSEmus the best iOS emulator for android among other emulators which can run iOS apps and games on android. It works flawlessly on all android devices without any additional requirements. It can also be ranked as the best iOS emulator to use on any android mobile phone.

You will also notice its unique and decent UI and material designing. By using the iOSEmus Emulator you will recognize that you are using android for iOS applications.

You can easily get all your favorite application on iOSEmus and download. There are no additional charges to pay for the pro application. You just only have to watch few ads to download apps. It had amazing customization we can also say that it is one of the best iOS emulators for Android devices.

If you would like to try just visit the link below.


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Best iOS emulator for android to run iOS apps
Best iOS emulator for android to run iOS apps

The next emulator is Smartface that will give you the same look as on iOS iPhones. This software was basically developed to test the application functionality or any errors in the iOS app. If you would like to try the Smartface emulator to be installed on your PC just download and try in your window.

It is an optional case to use we recommend using the above emulators that are test and working fine with many iOS applications on the android emulators.

If you still want to give try to smart face you can try it here.

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iPad, iPhone and iOS Emulator for Android

If you are looking for all in one emulator which will work through all of your device which may be iPad or iPhone you can give try to All in One emulator for android. But there is one con in this emulator it will give your only experience of iOS 6 and the requirement are to have an android 5+ mobile phone.

This emulator is not too famous like other emulators including iEMU Emulator. It also has the Siri features which every iPhone lover wants to try. It also has an iPhone camera application with an additional iOS music player. You can easily get your required application from the download section. This emulator was basically developed by XDA developers.


If you great lover of an iPad and instead of having an iPhone view looking to have an iPad look it may be the best iOS emulator for android to try on Windows. You have to just download iPadian for your computer it has the same GUI as an iPad. It will provide the same user interface that you will have in the original iPad.

You will also get lots of pre-installed applications in your iOS simulator like Clash of Clan, App Store, Music Player, Camera App, Mail, Safari Browser you may also notice that you will have the same icon as on iPad. As well as when the open a certain app in the iOS emulator, if you would like to close, will have same you will have the same feature that you, we used to.


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iOS Launcher

Best iOS Launcher for android
Best iOS Launcher for android

iOS Launcher is another alternative for iOS emulators to try. This iOS Launcher has good UI and has completed the same resemblance or design as the iPhone. Developers have tried their best to create a beautiful and functional iOS emulator. This launcher allows users to create backups on their own Android phones.

Download iOS Launcher

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