More Best Free PC Games Like Minecraft in 2021

If you also have an interest in More Best Free PC Games Like Minecraft you must check the complete list. Minecraft is so common that almost every gamer has tried it out at some point. Many people, however, want to play the game but can’t afford to purchase it for their computers. No worries, Minecraft’s fantastic gameplay has inspired a slew of other games.

Is your child obsessed with Minecraft? The open-world sandbox game is one of the most famous of all time, and there are plenty of ways for kids to feed their addiction, from learning the Minecraft glossary to watching YouTube videos featuring Stampy, Squiddy, and other characters.

However, it isn’t the only type of game in which players can show their imagination or explore their surroundings. Other great games with a similar appeal that help kids create, learn, play, and explore outside of Minecraft are listed below.

What are the chances? You may discover that your children have creative design skills that will make them think more critically about the games they play.

And because some of these games are free to play, they’re the best alternatives to Minecraft if you’ve wasted your paychecks too quickly this month.

Best Free PC Game as Minecraft

Here are our suggestions for the best free games that are similar to these more block-building games as Minecraft.


Roblox Best Free PC Games Like Minecraft
Roblox Best Free PC Minecraft

Roblox takes Minecraft’s creative spirit two steps further, mostly because it is a video game-making app rather than a video game. You can use Roblox’s creative software to build vast worlds that you can then transform into your own games.

Roblox is the ideal free platform if Minecraft isn’t an option for you. It’s a program that’s free to use with a few microtransactions here and there.


Trove Best Free PC Games Like Minecraft
Trove Best Free PC Minecraft

Trove is a huge free-to-play multiplayer online game that takes a lot of inspiration from Minecraft’s immersive gameplay. In this game, the player can take on the role of one of the character classes and embark on a journey through dangerous realms.

Trove is all Minecraft is, and more, with more loot than you can find and more imaginative buildings than you can create block by block!


Free Games Like Minecraft
Free Games as MineCraft

Minecraft’s main rival is Terraria. It contains many of the same components, such as mining, crafting, living, and sometimes killing bosses. This one, though, takes place in a 2D space rather than a 3D space Minecraft game.

Multiplayer with up to seven other players, over 20 biomes to discover, different NPCs to check out, and more are all included in the title. Since it hadn’t been updated in a long time, it wasn’t here for a year or two. However, it appears that the developers are now back on track. If you use Google Play Pass, this one is also free.


Terasology Best Free PC Games Like Minecraft
Terasology Best Free PC Minecraft

Teratology started out as a Minecraft-inspired demo before developing into an open-source voxel-based game. Its graphics are similar to Minecraft’s, with blocky terrains and biomes for players to discover.

The games’ building and crafting mechanics are nearly identical. The best part is that the game is absolutely free to play and can be a perfect substitute for Minecraft if you’re sick of it!


BlockWorld Best Free PC Games Like Minecraft
BlockWorld Best Free PC Games Minecraft

BlockWorld is a best games like Minecraft free-to-play sandbox game that provides an interactive gameplay environment that is very close to that of Minecraft. It also makes use of 3D blocks as its primary portion, enabling the player to go on building binges.

The game, like Minecraft, has a number of real-world biomes that players can explore to their hearts’ content.


Creativerse Best Free PC Games Like Minecraft
Creativerse Best Free Minecraft game

Creativerse is a fun sandbox adventure and building game that plays like a cross between Minecraft and Fortnite. It’s also comparable to Minecraft, the block-building epic adventure game.

Creativerse is a fantastic free-to-play option for people who don’t have access to Minecraft, with similar crafting and building mechanics.


Best Free PC Games Like Minecraft NO MAN’S SKY
Best Free PC Games Minecraft NO MAN’S SKY

After a divisive launch on PC and PS4 in 2015, the small team behind No Man’s Sky has worked hard to create the fantasy game that everyone had hoped for. Thanks to a series of expansions that have added base building, survival mode, and 30 hours of the plot, it’s closer than ever. However, the most important addition is online multiplayer, which for many people finally makes No Man’s Sky the game they’ve always wanted it to be.


games like minecraft
Minecraft game

Deep Rock Galactic ia a best games like minecraft, which is currently available on Steam Early Access, takes the core idea of mining for ores and valuables and turns it into an entire game while increasing the sense of risk.

A free game like Minecraft mobile Mining is, of course, an important aspect of Minecraft, but if you’re playing vanilla, it’s nothing more than digging a series of tunnels in the hopes of striking gold… or diamond.

Deep Rock Galactic goes into great detail about this. It allows you to select your favourite class, form a team of three mates, and then explore the galaxy’s “most hostile cave systems.”

It’s more of a first-person shooter than a mining simulator, with each cave you enter being procedurally generated. So, just like in Minecraft, every time you play, you’ll learn something new.


You have the option of drilling straight down to your goal or creating branching paths to explore as much of the underground as possible. The hostile creatures that will stand in your way can influence your decisions.

You have a large arsenal of weapons at your disposal to combat these challenges, but you’ll only be able to keep them off for so long before you’re forced to sprint to the surface with as much of your valuables as you can bring.

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