Benefits of Cardboard Packaging that compulsory

Cardboard is an extensively used packaging material. It is used by various manufacturers for packaging of goods. The reason for its worldwide acceptance is its extraordinary features. The cardboard boxes are durable to use for shipping, transportation, and storage. They can be converted to attractive custom boxes to use as a packaging for various products. Custom printed boxes can be converted into any shape, size, and color. The term cardboard packaging refers to different types of heavy paper materials like fiberboard, cardstock, and corrugated paperboard. These materials have extended in various industries in one form or the other. Below are some of the important benefits of cardboard packaging:

Protects Items:   

Custom packaging boxes made up of cardboard protect the items from damage. The custom boxes often contain various pieces of cardboard to be placed on the top of each other to provide maximum protection to the delicate items like computers, television, and pieces of glass. It provides a cushioning effect and acts as pressure-resistant. It can withstand external jerks by keeping the items save from any breakage.

Cheap Material:

Custom cardboard boxes are the most cost-effective packaging solution. They are made from paper pulp which is extracted from birch and pine trees as the paper pulp is a renewable energy source so it has less cost of production. Energy consumed in the making of these custom packaging boxes is less as compared to other packaging materials like wood, plastic or metal. Moreover, if cardboard boxes are purchased in bulk, you can save more cost on them. Eco-friendly materials can be used to save money.Hence cheap packaging is the most common factor.


Cardboard is a versatile material. Custom cardboard boxes can be converted from soft to extremely rigid packaging depending upon the nature of the product. Some varieties of cardboard can be wrapped around the item. This doesn’t waste the material and keeps the package lightweight. Moreover, custom boxes made up of cardboard can be easily sealed in a number of ways. Metal staples, custom tape or tuck-flaps can be used to seal the custom boxes. This makes the package securer and avoids tearing if it falls off the ground. 


As compared to other packaging materials which are expensive and heavy, custom cardboard boxes wholesale are extremely lightweight. They are easy to handle during production and packaging. They can be shipped flat and can easily be loaded and unloaded while shipment. Their less weight provides benefit to the businesses. It reduces the dimensional weight shipping charges. 


Cardboard is a reusable, recyclable and sustainable material. Custom boxes made from it can be unfolded and stored for later use. They can be used several times without affecting its quality. The cardboard is extremely nature-friendly. Some cardboard packaging is made from 100% recyclable material, but an average falls between 70-90%. Recycling cardboard saves much of energy and resources. It also reduced the company’s cost of production by producing new packaging from old recycled cardboard.


One of the biggest benefits of using cardboard packaging is its ease of customization. Cardboard can be readily converted to any size and shape depending on the customer’s requirement. The colour of the packaging can be changed by using high-tech printing. Cardboard is a material which supports various printing techniques. It can produce good quality results and cost-effective rates.  It can be easily customized in different styles and patterns. Various images, graphics, and artwork can be added to custom-printed boxes to make them more attractive for the customers. It can easily imprint the company’s logo and other necessary details. This creates brand awareness and makes people remember your products as they shop.

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