7 Warning Signs of Kidney Diseases to Know

Diseases can affect all parts of our body. This even includes our kidneys. 

Different kinds of kidney diseases can impact anyone. Our kidneys perform many critical different functions in our body. Kidneys tend to filter the fluids in our bodies and remove the toxins from our bodies.

This is not the only function kidneys perform in our body. Many other things are a part of kidney function. Kidneys are also responsible for the maintenance of electrolytes and water in the body. The kidney also helps to regulate the blood pressure in your body. 

Kidney Health – Why is it Important?

For optimal body function, your kidneys need to work well. Unfortunately, many things can take a toll on your kidney health such as kidney disease. These diseases can be of many types and can affect anyone. Based on the severity and damage, it can be really difficult to deal with kidney problems. 

A few years back, one of my uncles was detected with a kidney problem. Initially, it was just swollen hands and feet but later the signs of kidney diseases started showing in other parts as well. Well seeing the situation, we took him to the best kidney doctor in Lahore who tested and diagnosed him with the problem. with the that was resulting in altered 

Kidney diseases can come with or without any evident signs. Sometimes, these signs can be so mild that we don’t bother at all. However, knowing about the signs of kidney disease can result in an earlier diagnosis of the disease followed by the right treatment. So, it is really important to know what having a kidney disease is like.

Other than these signs, sometimes the level of compounds in your blood can also indicate a troubling kidney function. These tests are generally performed and are not very expensive. I, myself, went to ask about the serum uric acid test price in Pakistan and got it done because I was feeling severe pain in my heels. Thankfully, it was not related to kidneys and I could control it with the right dietary choices.

Early Signs and Symptoms Indicating Kidney Disease

Now you must be curious about what having kidney disease can look like. So, here are some of the common signs and symptoms of kidney diseases that you need to know about.

1- Pain without Reason

One of the earliest signs of kidney disease is the pain that is coming without any reason. This pain usually appears under the ribs area and you can sense it on both sides. The severity of this pain greatly varies and it doesn’t leave on its own. If someone is suffering from pain for too long, he should immediately seek medical advice from a physician.

2- Nausea

Nausea is not only about digestive health problems. It is not only the infections or digestive troubles that can make you suffer from nausea. Though many things can help you to deal with it, sometimes frequent nausea can be an indicator of poor kidney health. Only your physician can help you with the diagnosis of the problem.

3- Urine Changes

Urine can tell a lot about your health. Just like the detection of sugar in your urine, there are many important health parameters indicated by urine changes. Urine colour and its odour are important factors that can reveal kidney health. Other than this, urination frequency is also helpful in telling about your urine health.

4- Bad Breath

Bad breath is not only about gum diseases or poor oral hygiene. What if I tell you that this is an important indicator of kidney disease or may be one of the earliest signs of kidney disease.

5- Metallic Taste

A strange metallic taste in your mouth. You may feel like there is nothing to be worried about. But this metallic taste can sometimes be an indicator of kidney disease. This occurs because of the accumulation of toxins in your body due to poor kidney function. 

6- Swollen Hands and Feet

This is another common sign and symptom of kidney disease. Many people do not realize it in the beginning but when the condition lasts longer than expected then this might indicate poor kidney health.

7- Fever

Your body has got its ways of telling you that there is something wrong with your organs and fever is surely one among these. This is very common and is not likely to be considered a sign of kidney disease. However, suffering from high fever could be an indicator of poor kidney function.

Bottom Line!

All these signs and symptoms tend to reveal a lot about your kidney health. However, these signs and symptoms might overlap with other diseases. So, one should immediately contact a doctor especially if you are someone who is at a higher risk of suffering from kidney diseases.