5 Best GPU for fx 6300 OC CPU for Gaming

(Last Updated On: October 15, 2022)

Looking for Best GPU for FX 6300 processor might be difficult to make the perfect choice for gamers. It was the most powerful CPU at its time. AMD fx 6300 six-core processor with multithread processing power to run all modern applications at the same time.

This processor has a base clock speed of 3.5 MHz which is pretty awesome for gamers or streamers buying the best graphics card for the FX 6300 gaming CPU to take this processor to next level of performance with a cooled CPU compatible 6300x motherboards.

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Here we will discuss some best gaming graphics cards for FX 6300 to increase its power a little bit more. So many users have fx 6300 for gaming so we are suggesting some 144hz supported graphics cards.

Most gamers bought AMD 6300 Cpu for its overclocking feature as fx 6300 overclock settings if adjusted carefully it can perform very well than normal CPU without overclocking.

Before purchasing any latest GPU for your this CPU you must check whether it will be supported and your motherboard is compatible or it may lead to a bottleneck.

Best RAM to choose for FX 6300 CPU

Make sure to buy DDR3 RAM for this CPU cause it does not support the latest DD4 Gaming RAM. If you have AMD FX 6300 for gaming it has a maximum memory bandwidth of 37GB/s. The only CPU power requirements are 95 W.

So, make sure whenever you buy a graphics card for this also upgrade your PSU because only 95 W will be used by the CPU and additional power will be required to run your GPU and other computer components.

AMD FX 6300 is an old CPU but still powerful to play many mid ages games like Grand Theft Auto V, Assassin Creed, and Black OPS 3.

It is really low-budget powerful CPU that also can run most of your necessary computer software like Photoshop and video editor but must have a compatible motherboard with FX 6300

Some best GPU for fx 6300 OC CPU

Below are all the best graphics cards for amd fx 6300 and are compatible with this CPU you can buy any G.P.U according to your budget and choice.

Best graphics card for AMD fx 6300

gtx 960 4gb

ASUS STRIX GeForce GTX 960 Overclocked 4 GB

  • The base speed at 1291 MHz
  • Boost clock speed  1317 MHz
  • Memory Speed ‎7010 MHz
  • Graphics Card 4 GB

GTX 960 is the best video card for AMD fx 6300 CPU this mentioned GPU version is also overclocked and has better performance than the normal GTX 960. It is graphically memory size is 4GB and with a maximum resolution of 4096 x 2160 and the memory speed is 7010 MHz.

You can play most of the games with fx 6300 GTA with high settings with 2x MSAA and still get 40 FPS to 60 FPS.

Which are quite a bit impressive with these graphics cards. You can also play other games like CS GP and overwatch with maximum graphics resolutions, and the frame rate will be capped at 60 fps.

Some tests were done on ASUS GTX 960 4GB

  • GTX 960 graphics provide impressive FPS performance for these games
  • Tomb Raider, Ultimate w/TressFX -62.8 FPS vs 40.7 FPS
  • Furmark, 1080 Benchmark – 2536 vs 1778
  • Talos Principle, Ultra w/2XAA -80.2 FPS vs 68.0 FPS

Excellent AMD fx-6300 graphics card

Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti OC 4GB

Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti OC 4GB

  • Base Speed ‎1341 GHz
  • Boost Clock Speed ‎1455 MHz
  • Memory Speed 7008 MHz
  • Graphics Card 4 GB

Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1050 Ti is another best GPU for fx 6300. For 6300 best graphics card and compatible and good GPU for FX 6300 OC CPU. It’s not a Gigabyte 1060 6Gb card it’s the 1050 Ti is NVIDIA pascal GPU architecture.

Which brings an incredible gaming experience for most of the modern games like DOTA, Valorant and etc most of these will run with higher graphics performance with 60 fps without any lag some might also provide about 90 FPS.

You can also play the latest PC games with low graphics setting on GTX 1050 Ti. As being the best and low budget gaming GPU for AMD 6300 CPU you can also use this combination for you video editing application like Adobe Premier Pro and After effect which is the modern video editing application widely used.

The basic speed of Nvidia 1050 Ti is 1341 MHz and it can be boosted or overclocked to about 1455 MHz. GeForce GTX 1050 Ti has a RAM size of about 4GB and has the best gaming performance.

It also consumes less wattage as compared to other heavy gaming GPUs which could be quite an impressive benefit for low end gaming PC.

This GPU had a 2x cooling performance and two 9mm unique blade fans and the best part for cooling GPU is 2 pure copper heat pipes which together provide lower GPU temperature at high performance.

Basically, I have tried 1050 Ti with Intel core i5 7th generation and had the following fps for some of the best games available in the market.

Games FPS on GTX 1050 TI with FX 6300 CPU

  • CS: GO – Average 300 FPS on tweaked medium/high graphic settings
  • PUBG – 60-100 FPS tweaked graphics settings
  • H1Z1 – A very stable 90 fps
  • Rust – 90 – 110 FPS
  • League of Legends – 150 to 300 FPS,
  • Fornite – 130-180 FPS 

AMD fx 6300 graphics card

Radeon RX 570 DirectX 12 RX570 4GB

Radeon RX 570 DirectX 12 RX570 4GB

  • Base Speed 1244 MHz
  • Boost Core Clock: 1293 MHz
  • Memory speed 7600 MHz
  • Graphics Card 4 GB

You can buy used RX this 4GB at a very affordable price than new which is quite bit expensive you will get used GPU at $355. While to get a new Ryzen made RX 570 4GB GPU it will cost about $474.

And it’s expensive according to my opinion if you are not worried about GPU price then it could be a great GPU for FX 6300 OC CPU to play most of the latest modern action and multiplayer games above 30 FPS.

The AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB has a base speed of 1244MHz and its memory size is 4GB. RX 570 GPU has the WindForce 2x with blade fan design which help in making RX 570 GPU cooler while playing the latest games with high resolutions.

You can play all the latest game with up to 4K resolution support. It also has the power saving feature which helps in maintain FPS during intensive load over GPU and it will not bottleneck with the best GPU for fx 6300 gaming processor before upgrading your system to any Nvidia or AMD card.

The most modern games tested at high-end graphics and the following were the FPS result of some of the games. RX 570 had low power consumption and requires less power supply but you still be required the minimum of about 500-watt power supply.

Games FPS With RX 570 with FX 6300 CPU

  • CSGO 90 FPS
  • Battlefield 5 90FPS


960 2gb GPU for AMD fx 6300

EVGA GeForce GTX 960 2GB

  • Base Clock: 1279 MHz
  • Boost Clock: 1342 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 7010 MHz
  • Graphics Card 4 GB

The EVGA GeForce GTX 960 provide an incredible gaming performance with fx 6300 overclock settings for DOTA 2, League of Legend.

In the other most latest GTA V you will face some lag on extreme graphics. EVGA GeForce GTX 960 2GB has a base clock speed of 1279 and boosted speed can be up to 132 MHz.

This good GPU for gaming comes with 1024 Cuda cores. EVGA GTX 960 has ACX cooling technology which will help to avoid FPS drop during high heat for GPU. GTX 960 is the low-budget best GPU for FX 6300 CPU processor for low budget customers.

It has an impressive gaming level you can also connect GTX 960 with a 4K monitor to have an ultra gaming experience GPU.

On games that stress the GPU more than the processor, you will not see any bottleneck. The recommended Power supply unit for this GPU is a 400W or greater power supply to support this Gaming graphics card.

This is a brilliant GPU for video editing and you can also play the latest games and have never gone below 60fps I use it with a lock at 60fps too so it probably does way higher but my monitor is only 60hz so doesn’t really matter.

You can always MAX OUT all settings too. Every game runs great from Minecraft to ARMA III. I also have a pretty low and FX 6300 processor but that combination has no problem it renders brilliantly and plays great.

Low Profile GPU for AMD fx 6300

gigabyte 1030 gpu

Gigabyte 1030 Low Profile

  • Base Speed: 1151 MHz
  • Boost Speed: 1379 MHz
  • Memory Clock: 2100 MHz
  • Graphics Card 2GB

Gigabyte GeForce GT 1030 OC is low profile gaming GPU with a low-budget gaming GPU for FX 6300 CPU. This GPU is not powerful as modern GPU like 1050 Ti but can little low gaming performance than GTX 1050 Ti. It is low in performance but make sure it has also less costly as compared to 1050 Ti.

I know it’s cheap as compared to other GPUs, but I would rather save money to buy something better with this card. GTX series or RX 570, 580. GeForce 1030 has less 30W TDP and requires recommended power supply of 300 watts.

GTX 1030 has an integrated 2 GB of DDR5 with 64 bit memory. GT 1030 has the base clock speed of 1506 MHz in OC mode of gaming GPU and has the highest clock speed of 1468 clock speed of GPU in gaming performance mode.

Although at the first time after successful plugin, it spun hard and fast for a few minutes, and made considerable noise so don’t freak out if that happens. She has great thermals, but I do have an overkill cooling setup in this PC.

According to other GPUs, they had the 2X latest cooling fans to maintain the GPU temperature but it is not, in this case, it has only one GPU fan so you will face little GPU high-temperature issues while playing high-end games on GT 1030 GPU.

  • You will get about 55- 50 FPS on Wolfenstein
  • 60+ FPS on Fable anniversary


Can we Use GTX 1060 8GB Gaming Card with 6300 CPU

Certainly no, If you want to try GTX 1060 8GB card which supports all games with ultra-performance but this CPU you might face bottleneck so we could not recommend this card to upgrade from another card, or you could also face a card not supported by your motherboard.

Is 6GB RAM enough for the latest game experience?

 Your motherboard can easily support 6 to 8GB of RAM which is fine to play most of the mid-level games on your card. So, it’s enough no need to upgrade your system.

Can better CPU with any graphics card increase your FPS

Every gamer know have latest graphics you will get impressive and more FPS during play game but there is another reason which can also improve your FPS it is having the latest and powerful CPU. But it could definitely increase your system price. To upgrade to any latest card and CPU you also have to upgrade your motherboard for its compatibility.

Is AMD fx 6300 good GPU for gaming

In the modern era games are upgrading and require modern and latest graphics card to run the latest upcoming games like Tales of arise, Deathloop, Back 4 Blood etc.
So, if you are not beyond these latest games and want to use it for normal games like GTA 5, Call of Duty Moderwarefare, etc then an AMD fx 6300 good GPU for gaming with low requirements.

Does AMD fx 6300 have integrated graphics

This ceratin AMD 6300 is desktop processor was released in October 2012, AMD 6300 FX does not have an integrated graphics card in order to have a display or use the high-end application you must plug in an extra graphics card.


After successfully low-end gaming GPU test you have seen all the low end budget gaming graphics cards for AMD FX 6300 processor. Now you are astonished why only these cards are mentioned while there are latest gaming GPU like 1080 ti or mid-range 1060 6GB card which can play all the latest and modern games.

The only reason for that is your CPU will bottleneck if you do not choose the compatible GPU for your CPU. If you are looking for the best low-budget gaming GPU then we recommend having the Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1050 Ti OC 4GB or AMD RX 570 gaming GPU. Both of these GPUs support most of the modern games like GTA V, DOTA and had excellent video editing and 3D editing performance.